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Tortoise Night

Date: Aug 09, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Gwenethwyn
Category: No Category
Tank (1)

1. Siggar Captain

Damage (3)

2. Kasey Burglar

4. Thalaranc Hunter

5. Lirduiniel Hunter

Support (2)

3. Hunfri Minstrel

M. Duralagos Rune-keeper



so any plans for tonight? a crack at Vile Maw or Dâr Narbugud? look forward to seeing you all later no matter what we decide
We have good team enrolled! Watcher has to take 10 minutes of out time not more!
Ill try to be there
For me best plan is to fast farm Turtle and Watcher for FA barter coins and spend all rest evening in DN
I'm all for a Turtle warm up but I would not go as far as 'fast farm' on the Watcher... Let's just go with a valiant attempt for now? :)

We could try the 2 hunter cross shooting tentacles tactics from wiki but we'll still be stuck for Corr. Removals with current sign ups. I can play around with Revealing (healing) mark a bit but we'll have to get J to main heal then and Hunf to just rotate removals in yellow (Hero's Strike with triple reset from AoP + PC with ballad resets). Kas on Addle-duty vs. tentaheals + the usual debuffing...
Won't be easy but I like them odds!
we'll still be stuck for Corr. Removals with current sign ups

I have one one a 15 sec CD and another on 45 secs (which removes up to 3) if that's any use?
I'm not going to make it guys. Out with the kids just now and unlikely to be able to do much till later.
The menu was Turtle-soup and Nameless Main Course in DN for tonight with bosses 1, 2 and 3 completed - all on first attempt.

Well done to all, went smoothly for the most part: some mechanics were demanding so it will take another run or two to polish up a few things but a very rewarding experience overall!

Thank You Turlte Warriors, A Pleasure as Always!

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