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Tortoise Night

Date: Sep 20, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Gwenethwyn
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Tank (1)

M. Siggar Captain

Damage (3)

1. Duralagos Rune-keeper

2. Thalaranc Hunter

4. Lirduiniel Hunter

Support (1)

3. Gwenethwyn Lore-master



Continuing on with the Epic Quests, we will be doing the Chapter 14 Skirmish
Regarding the progress of our Company and story [RP] *apologies for godmoding some*:

The mission of the Hidden Guard has failed, and now the remaining hopes of Celeborn and Galadriel rely solely upon the main arm of the Golden Host that is camped at Thangúlhad. That is where the Company of the Tortoise moves it's base of operations while both Thalaranc and Lifolf are offered membership.
Planning and missions management happens via representatives' consultations, Ningloril from the Host and Duralagos from the Company are the points of contact.

There are rumours among the orcs of Gathbúrz of a powerful beast that ravages their ranks at night in a form of a large bear. One of the Malledhrim scouts reported the sighting of a creature that he believed to have been a skinchanger. If that is true then the Company must find him/her as everything that the Enemy finds unsettling is a potential ally to them. The Company's dalish master of lore claims to have had dealings with such creatures in the past and that Radagast maintains an extraordinary relationship with these wild people, called the Beorning, that hail from the Vales of Anduin.
And so Siggar has offered to accompany Lady Gwenethwyn and the Malledhrim scout to seek out this Beast...

There were three reconnaisance operations that led up to this (Ch. 14) moment and were split up between the partaking forces:
  1. The Armies of Gatbúrz (Ch. 12) lead by the Host with aid from the Company (Sig, Lif and Thal - encountering the mysterious 'Jürgen'? 😀)
  2. Students of Gorothúl (Ch. 13) lead by the Host with aid from the Company (Gwen, Dura and Hunf)
  3. Serpentine Stronghold (independent event) lead by the Company with aid from the Host (Lir, Kas)
We have gained the following knowledge from the above:
  • Position, equipment and size of the Enemy's troops in the area to help ready our defences and plan a potential offensive.
  • Certain indications of the type of sorcery used by the necromancers to allow the wise among us to prepare countermeasures.
  • Successful mapping of the fortress to allow for precision strikes.
appreciate you guys have taken a great leap forward in Mirkwood but i'm unlikely to be at ch14 by Wednesday - hows everyone else placed? I am currently at Drownholt investigating the Shadows of Sâd Meryrn and not sure i really can/want to rush towards the end of book 9 quite yet. Perhaps the slower turtles among us could/should go as a second wave?
I'm at the next place .... Emyn Lum. I'm getting some space now to catch up; but I do feel we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves.
If people are not ready then they are not ready. We might as well wait for others to catch up.
I guess its my fault we kinda jumped ahead there, so I apologise. I only based it on where we left it last week.
Popular passed experience has shown that people like to progress through areas as they open up and I have kinda pushed the Epic side of things thinking people would revisit other areas after the first month. We have only been in Mirkwood under three weeks and I have us at the final area already.
It would seem others are around Ost Galadh area in questslines so perhaps another week here allowing some catchup. The skirmishes are not difficult and allow 1/3/6 players for the most part... so if we have a couple of groups doing different areas.. not a problem.

We are still getting a feel for a change in how we progress and noone said it would not be without teething problems.
One week delay would be nice: Hunfri is still in swamps, Yorgun just started Mirkwood (holding off Moria) and she has only 35 traits and 8-10 rank virtues and unfinished LI, that's unacceptable, I really like to join Company on well developed character
have made it as far as the scuttledells...cant think of a productive group activity in Mirkwood - perhaps we can do a catch up of deeds and the like from moria/lothlorien instas? or something completely different? flight to the lonely mountain?
Busy today, might not make it.
Up for whatever.

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