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Tortoise Night

Date: Jun 14, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Gwenethwyn
Category: No Category
Tank (1)

3. Jullian Warden

Damage (2)

1. Kasey Burglar

2. Lirduiniel Hunter

Support (2)

4. Hunfri Minstrel

M. Gwenethwyn Lore-master



Working nights, I expect to have finished Bk VI during the week, though. Anyone has plans for the upcoming Birthday? (toddlerpie from the Shire, etc. ) :)
So Books 5.5 finished, people will be moving on a little with Epics.

For Wednesday? 16th Hall? Move Story on?
'We have withstood the initial attacks of the Orcs, but for how long will our good luck last? Not long enough, I fear; the Orcs are simply too numerous, and with the support of Dol Guldur, Mazog can surely wage his war long enough to overturn our defences.

'We must seek help of our own. Though the friendship of the dwarves with the Elves of the Golden Wood has suffered strain over the long years, it has never, I hope, been truly abandoned. We need their assistance now more than ever, or we are lost.

'You must seek the aid of the Lady Galadriel. We dwarves know little of her, but it is said she wields some great power. Some say she is fell and perilous, others that she is kind. In this dire time I would risk an audience with her, though I am afraid. Speak with one of the wardens at the bounds of Lothlórien and ask to speak with the Lady of the Wood, Duralagos. Who better than you? You are an Elf-friend and a dwarf-friend both. I understand that there may be great platforms among the trees across the river called Nimrodel, southeast of the Dimrill Dale. You may find wardens of Lothlórien upon them.'
A successful romp through the 16th hall followed by a meeting with Haldir and intro to Lothlorien.

Lots of deeds in the 16th, we shall return.

16th in two hours:

(Lost One: DAMAGE - 120.3k, TAKEN - 98k, HEAL - 147.9k)
Gz! Good to be soloable class! Have to level up my warden for such challenges
Nice one.

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