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[Pinned] Comprehensive guide to raiding by Dadi should read this page every once in a while, even as a casual, if you consider participating in raid content. It is super useful!If you are one of the daring ones, regularly attempting ...
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[Pinned] Legendary Items and You

Dear Fellow Turtles,I still remember getting my first Legendary Sword on my champion and the confusion that ensued. Luckily, there are a number of sources for all of us players to guide us through the darkness. While it will probably take you a co...
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[Pinned] Instances - Checklist

Just want to check what people maybe need in the way of instances. I will list the ones we have available, just say if you need to complete it on your Turtle character. That way we can maybe plan to get some stuff done together. X - Grorax (Guardi...
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The Rift.

Well done all last night, we havent downed the bad boy yet, but I think the trail of destruction we left will have given the Balrog food for thought. I must admit, I am a little disappointed in just how easy it was. The groups general awesomeness ...
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Virtues - Checklist (Level 55)

Going through these for my Warden, someone here might also appreciate the list. Doing all this will net, Charity 13, Confidence 11, Compassion 13, Innocence 14, Honour 12, Tolerance 14 and Fidelity 14.Edit: Tried Changing format to fit more on 1 l...
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The (rather) disappointing Bogbereth 'Raid'

PARTICIPANTSFrom the Enemy:Bogbereth - the Poisoned Queen of Himbar, Arch-nemesis, level 50Bogbereth Matrons - the Princesses of Her Hatchery, Elite Masters, level 50Bogbereth Broodlings - the Titleless Swarm, levels 48-49From the Free People:Sigg...
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voice chat?

saw that Kiri and Sig were displaying the wee icon that shows they are using teamspeak or a.n. other voice chat program while logged in. this may be a really useful option in instances for agreeing tactics / giving direction. be interested what ot...
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Challenge or time sink - adjustments for group content

Fellow Turtles!A recent post from Jullian in our latest Event Thread inspired this post. Some things can get lost from those threads as time goes by so allow me the opportunity to reflect on that important notion in this format to hopefully preser...
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Just a word about some of the stuff we should try to carry for some of the harder group stuff we do. Hope Tokens.Hope tokens are available to lift the spirits of our adventurers.Depending in the amount of hope you have, your morale will be increas...
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Fornost - Water Wraith

We did well last night, considering its our first time as a group playing Fornost. We have lots to learn so dont worry too much. Zhurmat does indeed add waves based on his morale so killing him slowly whilst the group kills the adds seems the best...
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Fellowship Manoeuvres

Last night there was some discussion on Fellowship Manoeuvres and this is something that I've never really encountered before (given that in my previous forays into the game I've pretty-much played solo).When the Wheel of Fun appears, I tend to ju...
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Pulling mobs.

Thought I would throw this out, might be easier to understand via the forums than in game chat. When we come apon a group of mobs, especially if the mobs contain ranged/scout type characters, it is good to try to pull them into one big melee group...
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First post in here.... grouping.

Congratulations, we did well last night. I thought it might be an idea to discuss some things, just so we are all on the same page. The fellowship stuff we have been doing has been great and we are now in a place where the stuff is getting challen...
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