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(Jul 24, 2017)
Congratulations Sig!
(Jul 23, 2017)
great to hear that Sig - best wishes to you all!
(Jul 23, 2017)
Aww Excellent Sig.
(Jul 23, 2017)
My little one was born last night, everybody is good, thanks all for the good wishes! :)
(Jul 21, 2017)
Have a nice vacation, Thal!
(Jul 13, 2017)
Be sure to check out your in-game mailbox when you log. Thalaranc's brother has sent some 'thank you for taking care of my little brother' items from Rivendell :)
(Jul 12, 2017)
Maintenance today!
(Jul 09, 2017)
great rp session with gwen, Thala and Lir - Thala has brought news of kiri and arrived at the borders of Lorien.....
(Jul 04, 2017)
remember to pay a visit to Thorth Splintershield once you get to lvl 58 - the purveyor of interesting reading material!
(Jul 03, 2017)
I would suggest loading up Bullroarer and playing the High Elf intro, especially if you have not real urge to play them (buy them) when it goes live.
(Jul 03, 2017)
It looks drab and bleak. As it should :p
(Jul 03, 2017)
What's the take on mordor? Looks good?
(Jul 01, 2017)
Was on last week checking out Mordor. Was on this morning checking out HE
(Jul 01, 2017)
Anyone paid a visit to Bullroarer yet?
(Jun 28, 2017)
Update done in 3 min ;)
(Jun 28, 2017)
Running a little late. heading home and got called out. Hopefully update doesn't take long.
(Jun 21, 2017)
(Jun 14, 2017)
J, i send you a private message. Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think. It's about taking over the club and enslaving everyo- Oh hey guys, what's up? *awkward smile*
(Jun 12, 2017)
2/3 of my life as a tortoise... Better start practicing my singing then :P
(Jun 12, 2017)
You have to sing to the trees for a hundred years, see you after! ;)