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Tortoise Night

Date: Nov 21, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: Gwenethwyn
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Tank (1)

2. Siggar Captain

Damage (2)

1. Duralagos Rune-keeper

3. Lirduiniel Hunter

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M. Hunfri Minstrel



*Hates Minas Elendúr*

Suggestions for this weeks meeting?
With Enedwaith 'opened up' there is plenty of solo stuff to do so feel free to get busy, peeps!

I think we have two options for grouping, either we
  • do Vol. III. Book 3 Chapter 4 of the Epic (Fellowship/Inspired Greatness) then moving on to Ch. 7/10
  • kick off the ITA Quest Chain with the Mysterious Relic Deed, for example
book 3 ch 4 ( ) is that feasible by next week if we are also doing the lanscape content in parallel (as lir will)? seems a long way....? thinking my vote may be ITA then....or a rp session.
ITA is good. If we have extra bodies we can sort something.

Shadows are lengthening throughout Eriador now that many of the Rangers have left for the south-lands, and trouble is brewing in their presence.

The Company of the Tortoise have been receiving worrisome news the last couple of days from all over Eriador. Scouts returning from the corners of Arnor reporting unsettling appearances of seeminly powerful objects across the land. Hobbits have reached out to Barliman Butterbur of The Prancing Pony in Bree-land to help them find heroes that aren't afraid looking into some very concerning matters:

  • 'Things have been bad around here, friends, and knowing that you are a courages lot, I have decided to write on behalf of a patron of the Pony. His name is Henric Banks, and he is a hobbit of Bree. He has family in the town of Oatbarton, which is a village in the Shire. Henric has told me on other, happier occasions that it is quite a nice place. Well, he received a letter from his cousin Fenric talking about strange goings-on in Oatbarton, and wanted me to send heroes to investigate. I have enclosed Fenric's letter, seeing as he explains the matter much better than I could do, and hope that you will travel to Oatbarton to see what is happening there. Most sincerely and with wishes for your continued good health,
  • Barliman Butterbur'
  • 'Henric, Strange things are afoot these days in and around Oatbarton. First there was that mysterious relic that appeared in Bungo Grubb's pipe-weed fields; killed the crop dead, it did, and left everyone else worried for their own! But now things are even worse. Hobbits have been disappearing left and right. And these aren't Tooks I'm talking about, neither! No, these are good, honest Bolgers and Boffins, as solid and dependable gentlehobbits as you could hope to meet! Not a flaw among them, save being over-fond of their food and drink, and that's not a flaw at all in my estimation. I don't know for sure what could have caused this recent spate of disappearances, though I have my guesses. I have not seen as many of the grim-faced Rangers lurking about in recent days; is it the same in Bree? In any event, if you know of a stalwart adventurer, be sure to send him or her to me at once. I am worried for my friends here in Oatbarton! We're within the bounds of the Shire, of course, but the rest of Evendim is a dangerous place, just to our north, and even Oatbarton has been frightful of late. Wishing you the best, your devoted cousin, Fenric'

And so the call has been answered by a number of mighty members of the Company. They decided to come together in the Great Hall of the Bree-land Head Quarters (9 Chestnut Street, Haysward, Bree-land Homesteads) to discuss the matter and are determined to gather more information.


OOC: We'll be gathering at the Kinship House for a brief discussion of our scouts' reports and the locations mentioned by them (see: Mysterious Relics). Note that this event runs in parallel with the Epic as per the initial release (ITA was launched once Book 2 of Volume III. was concluded). This means - for RP purposes - that the members that went south with the rangers aren't the ones that are investigating back in Eriador (although most of us will bring the very same characters). However the conclusion will bring all of the above together for Ost Dunhoth, the concluding Raid (which we will run in the future on T1 as part of this story line).
Therefore the primary aim for the evening, in my eyes at least, is to discover the first 4 relics. I am contemplating bringing my elven scholar to this event for the initial part: thinking of riding from the HQ to the Pony to pay good'ol Barly a visit and then walk to the Scholar's Hall for further research. We'll then kick off the Deed and potentially the ITA Quest Chain using Guide Skills/Swift Travel to get to the locations in a timely manner.
Might even do the first 3-man if time allows.

Hope to see y'all there!

Yours Best ;)
Cool. I might bring a 'stay - behind' then.
Dura has no need to be trapsing all over Eriador.. ^^
As you wish :)

I just meant by the RP bit that strictly speaking the chronology would not allow the same character to be present not only in Eriador but to cover all the areas ITA requires one to do for the discovery deeds. However since most of us require those deeds on their Main Turtle (at least, might be other alts as well) we can just RP our toon as a same-class-valued-member-of-the-Company.

Like Siggar would be referred to as 'one of the captains of the Company' or Lir as 'one of the scouts' for story purposes if you get what I mean. To me, even though we only have half a dozen active players, our Company is numerous and active all over Arda in varying forces. It's schizophrenia rather than teleportation ;)
Sorry guys.
I fell asleep at 8pm... heavy callout week still taking its toll. 8(
Sorry I missed...Real Life intervened again. Hope to see to you Tuesday.

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