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Serpentine Stronghold

Date: Sep 19, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Siggar
Category: RP Story
I would like to propose a sneaky event for a couple of us to go and map the Instance Entrances in a particular order (*Challenge Mode incoming*) without picking fights whatsoever within Dol Guldur.
People are encouraged to bring characters that are somewhat 'light-footed' but still within level range to aggro the mobs in the area (up to character level 73 I think).

I would like to also propose two rules:
  1. Mesmerizing (aka Mez) Effects are allowed in order to get past enemies as long as they are planned/used before engaging (and we have a good chance of getting out of their 'chase' range by the time it wears off).
  2. When engagement is unavoidable we try to 'take care of business' asap, respecting the line of shight of nearby enemy sentries. We will also remain in the spot for 30 seconds upon enemy defeat to 'hide' the clues (and discard the body...) as a sort of 'punishment'. If we can't avoid Los or happen upon another patrol in this timeframe we will consider our cover blown and retreat!

Sounds Fun? ;)


great idea Sig - too early for Lir however both in time and where she has got to in Mirkwood. I might copy you and run this again in a while =) good luck.

PS no other characters in level range - champ at 78.
Am I right that Maegmirdain is much higher then 73? Hm, whom I have to bring for this event?)
I have a lvl 62 Hunter on another acc., Maeg is just the placeholder :)
Event cancelled

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