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Date: Sep 18, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: Siggar
Category: Raids
Fire burns over a sea of gold beneath the rising sun. Teeth, scales, claws...ripping...rending...tearing....and fire...terrible, roaring fire....'

Draigoch is a great dragon lurking in the caves of the Misty Mountains in Thrór's Coomb. The Draig-lûth have been sighted bringing offerings of treasure to his lair, and he is beginning to awaken. (Draigoch is apparently Dunlending for red dragon).

bring a friend (with comms and clue)

required reading at

short pre-req quests starting at at
Tank (1)

1. Yorgun Beorning

Damage (0)


Support (1)

2. Kasey Burglar



Night shift
sorry cant now make tomorrow =(
Just entered home, too much work as usual
Would log in 1 hour or later, tired really a lot :(
Ill see who is about. :)
I didn't see anyone at usual time and decided to go play on Bullroarer...
MY level 75 champ has 25k morale... God knows what Sigs will be :p
Oh, darn...
That makes me twice as glad having done Draigoch 'in time' with you guys!
do the mobs also have a 'boost' to morale?
Mobs in Pits of Isengard had 11k Morale...
It felt like doing PvE mobs on Live.
Ha! That means that Hunfri will have 35k! :D
...and Eiken has to solo Watcher! :D

Think this is the last release before U23 goes live. I havent checked level 75 mobs to compare.. will do tonight.

I am seriously worried about Warden being my 120 guy for our T2 stuff tho... if anything.. the gambit lag is worse.
I have a CPT and GRD at 115..though... need Trait points etc... it might be an idea to think about them as the tanking slot.
Yeah, I was happy to see the note about champ delay being fixed and sad to see wardens did not receive similar treatment...
Both CPT ang GRD are great, I suppose it will boil down to two things, what you would like to do and how much work they need. Tanking 3/6 man fellows cappy is prolly the best. Tanking raids (and some heavy-duty 6 mans) would make me pick guard instead.

Hope that was helpful! ;)
Well I am guessing we will need all new gear at 120 anyway.. so thats the same for all chars.
Its the trait points from Moria/Rohan/Gondor/Mordor that I am missing mostly. 80/89

Things like Virtues are mostly all at 20.
Stat Tomes are going to become store only after U23 due to lootboxes. So what I got I got.. lol

EDIT: I have made a seperate thread for each level group to try to keep discussion like this in the one place :p

If needed I'm ready to pick cappy any time! Awesome class! :)
Would mean I have to level my mini :p