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[Pinned] T2 and You

[Pinned] T2 and You

Dear Fellow Turtles!LOTRO's nomenclature for instance difficulty has phased many a player over the years. The presence of numbers 1 and 2 would suggest that the difficulty increase is 'one step up' or 'double'. This isn't in fact the case and many...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Leave of Absence and extended leave

Use this thread for telling the other turtles if you're going to be away for a longer period of time. So they won't stand there in Combe waiting, *sighing* for you to turn up in the slowtro channel.
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[Pinned] Greetings
General Discussion

[Pinned] Greetings

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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[Pinned] Virtues and You

[Pinned] Virtues and You

Dear Fellow Turtles,Virtues are your friends. Since they can only offer limited offensive support, their primary function is to boost your survivability by contributing to defensive statistics. For this very reason they are usually neglected by a ...
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[Pinned] Instances - Checklist

Just want to check what people maybe need in the way of instances. I will list the ones we have available, just say if you need to complete it on your Turtle character. That way we can maybe plan to get some stuff done together. Non-ScalingGarth A...
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Turtle Roleplay

[Pinned] Your RP - how do you take it?

I'll hold my hand up right now and confess I am a 'lite' RP'er in MMOs. I'm the diet coke of RP'ers - only one calorie. I'm mostly focussed on the action, and playing the game, with the occaisonal side of RP thrown in.Here's how I play Rychyrd in-...
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[Pinned] Comprehensive guide to raiding by Dadi should read this page every once in a while, even as a casual, if you consider participating in raid content. It is super useful!If you are one of the daring ones, regularly attempting ...
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[Pinned] Legendary Items and You

Dear Fellow Turtles,I still remember getting my first Legendary Sword on my champion and the confusion that ensued. Luckily, there are a number of sources for all of us players to guide us through the darkness. While it will probably take you a co...
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[Pinned] The Scaling Shinies

Hail to the Turtles!Having a level-appropriate, incomparable (teal) item with the desired statistics on it is usually as good as it gets as far as BiS (best in slot) equipment goes. With Update 12.1 (16/Dec/2013) "Loot drops have been restructured...
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[Pinned] Group Dynamics and Decorum - The Way of the Turtle

Hello Turtles!We had a lot of fun hunting spiders yesterday in the North Trollshaws - and it was great to see some new turtles online.However, it was also a very confusing session and some people felt they wasted a lot of time because they weren't...
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[Pinned] Homestead Crafting Discounts

This is a reminder that buying from the Supplier in the housing areas can net you a discount. For somebody like a cook with expensive ingredients, this savings can be HUGE!1) If you own a Standard or Deluxe home in the neighborhood, the discount ...
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[Pinned] Kin-chest Crafting Mats T1/T2

Good Day Tortoises,Just wanted to give more details about the kin-chest materials storage and swap that I mentioned in the mail that came with the Kinhouse Grand Opening notice.As you all know, getting a new character's crafting skill from Apprent...
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[Pinned] Three Types of Events

Hey Slowtrowers,It has come to my attention some members ran little out of ideas for events, we'd like to encourage you not only to make more events but when we're online together, not just be split up doing our own things but RP / quest / do deed...
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[Pinned] Immersion RP
Turtle Roleplay

[Pinned] Immersion RP

We can use this thread to discuss different kinds of attitudes towards immersion in the game. (For the extreme version see the Total Immersion series).I play Berawena as a poor country girl from Archet. That means literally that she has nothing ex...
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General Discussion

Letter from the Executive Producer! Thank you for being a part of the Lord of the Rings Online community as we celebrate 11 years of adventure. Happy Elevenses! I'm writing today to let you kno...
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General Discussion

Dress Code for the White Wizard Ballroom a.k.a. gearing for the 75 cluster

Dear Fellow Turtles...WELCOME TO ISENGARD!The Season is upon us: orcs, wargs and uruks have spread all around Nan CurunĂ­r. Their master calls for the dusk of Men. It is the blood of all Free Peoples that the Enemy wants, they ravage the land and t...
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Now far ahead the Road has gone, let others follow it who can!

Turtles - we have had some magnificent adventures over the last few years for which i thank you from the bottom of my heart. From the ruins of Fornost to the depths of the Rift and from bleak Dol Guldur to fair Lothlorien, I've been fortunate to f...
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General Discussion


So this month sees our company move into Enedwaith. The content here is the same level as Mirkwood and should pose no problem to us regarding landscape stuff we come across. People should feel free to be tackling this stuff if you havent been alre...
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Lothlorien - Mirkwood Level Raises

I would like to get a discussion going regarding the (Epic) Quests vs. Slowtro levels as we are slowly but surely approaching the second historical level cap in LOTRO.Our experiences with the first one (Angmar to "all-over-Eriador" to Eregion to M...
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2018+ new content in Lotro

interesting update from Severlin on SS's plans for next update.....drum roll.....its to be Northern Mirkwood including Thranduil's Court, Dale, Laketown, and Erebor!! that in itself all but guarantees Lir and Faer will not be heading west anytime ...
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