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#9970454 Sep 04, 2014 at 05:36 PM
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Greetings, all! I saw the CLub Slowtro thread on the forums, and like Rychyrd said above, I loved the idea. I have created a Dwarf Minstrel with the same name as my ID here--Vilkur. I may add some alts later.

I am not a big gamer. LOTRO was my first MMO, and I only tried it because I love Tolkien. I have since tried WoW, but didn't care for it. And that's it as far as my gaming experience.

I have basically no experience with RP-ing, though I have often thought I'd like to try it. This seems like a perfect setting for that. I ask that you bear with me as I pick it up!

One hitch for me is that I am in the Eastern US. On weekdays, your peak hours occur during my work day. I may be able to get on during UK evening hours on the weekends, however. Otherwise I usually play during the mornings here (before work), and some weekday evenings. Ah well, no biggie. I'll see how it goes.

See you in Middle Earth!

#10073769 Sep 27, 2014 at 12:53 AM
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Heya everyone, Baidro here.

I've been RPing off and on for several years now, having started about 10 years ago in SWG on the Starsider server, and will admit I've been mostly away from RP since the game shut down, so my skills might be a tad rusty.

Anywho, I've also been playing lotro on and off since SoA, having rarely got a character past level 20. Really looking forward to getting back into RPing and experiencing Middle Earth the way it should be, as a very scary place with danger around every corner.

Also, I'm in the states, so hopefully that won't be an issue and we can still manage to to get together in-game! My schedule is pretty flexible, fortunately.
#10213163 Oct 29, 2014 at 02:03 PM
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Hi all,

Just joined and I am very happy to be now part of this great project.

I am from Austria, so my mothertongue is german- just that you know, why my english might sound/look weird.

At the young age of twelve I started with one of my biggest hobbies P&P and I still playing (age 42 at the moment). D&D was one of my starting games, but I tried out and played a lot of other games. At the moment I run a Vampire and a Shadowrun group. As I player I am in a 7th sea group and Splittermond (a new german RPG) group.

Well around the time I started with P&P I also started to read Tolkien and was fascinated from the first page on.
When Lotro game out it was clear that this is my game. I started on the german RP server Belegaer and stopped around 2 years ago. Now I am restarting and had the idea of trying something new and joined Laurelin, just a few days ago. Was a good idea because today I read about Slowtro in the official Lotro forum :).

As I am slow player ( i want to do nearly every quest and explore everything), it will take a while until I am at the groups level cap. In the rooster I saw that there are some other characters in my level, so perhaps I can do with some of them some questing.

Today in the evening I will join the slowtro channel. Hope to see/read you there.
#10213815 Oct 29, 2014 at 04:52 PM
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Welcome to Slowtro Curonor!

I may be able to help out your burglar with a new low level character, since I've been wanting to try out the Runekeeper for a long time. With the sale in the Lotro store, hard to pass up. That new RK would also be a completionist, doing nearly or every quest and deed in the game, but would probably not stay with the Tortoises. (I already have a completionist on Landroval, but he's a guardian.)

Keep in mind that lower level characters in the Tortoise roster are probably not active, and may not be around to give you help.

#10214798 Oct 29, 2014 at 08:34 PM
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Thanks for the welcome and it would be great if we could do some questing together.
#10215880 Oct 30, 2014 at 12:44 AM
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I also have a low-level burglar and minstrel to take for a tour of Bree and the Shire.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#10218115 Oct 30, 2014 at 03:41 PM
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Would it not be better to get the low level characters up to the current slowtro cap and joining the level 18s and going back to do the completionist stuff.
#10219184 Oct 30, 2014 at 07:42 PM
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Would it not be better to get the low level characters up to the current slowtro cap and joining the level 18s and going back to do the completionist stuff.

That all depends on why a person is a completionist. If it's just to get everything done, then treat L18 as a "level cap" and leave the Stone off before then. If it's to get the full terrain experience, then best done at or below level for the regions of choice (like the Tortoises did earlier in their careers). If it is also to max out on class deeds, then level management is even more important so as not to face greyed out mobs. Silathan falls into that category, trying to perfect his RK deeds and skills against on-level foes.
#11618881 Oct 10, 2015 at 12:33 PM
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Hello all!

I'm new and joined up for the second wave group :-). unfortunatly it didnt have a good start yet, but hope it will soon.

I was also thinking of getting a toon to current level cap (is it 38?) because it seems the high group is little bit more active :-).
Is there any class you are in need of at that level? i'm open for sugestions. I hope i can get my toon quickly to the level cap and join you all there as well :-).

#11618913 Oct 10, 2015 at 12:49 PM
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Hello Harly,
The current level cap is 33. You can check this at the top right of the home page on the forums. Berawena likes to keep the 'CURRENTLY' message filled with the current level cap and roughly where we are based along the journey.

There is no immediate urgency for any particular class in the group, play whatever you will enjoy.

Sorry to hear about the second wave hiccups, but it had only really just begun so I am sure it will be in full swing soon.

We were level 6 for months when Slowtro first started up. :)
#12977877 Jan 10, 2017 at 01:40 PM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Long overdue...

I am a fully developed, 33 year old, Hungarian male.
I live in Ireland for nearly ten years now. Have a 3-year-old son and my beloved is due with our second child in July!
I very much like literature and physical exercise/challenges although I have been spending a bit more time in front of the computer screen the last couple of years than I should.

I was first introduced to a tabletop role-playing game called M.A.G.U.S. by two of my older friends in AD 1995 - I fell in love with it in an instant. It was a hungarian development with immense background, a huge world and a system that was (at least, to me) easy to understand and learn, at the same time having tremendous potential to expand. I suspect the writers/developers of the game were inspired by both Tolkien's work and the AD&D system yet managed to create something that, still today, feels very distinctive.
The following three years I divided my free time between playing basketball and 'learning' everything about the game and the world it took place in (which was my preferred form of entertainment/engaging my brain as I did not have a computer at the time).

After my 'Freshman' year I established the (M.A.G.U.S.) Role-playing Club in high school and ran it for three consecutive years with 5-10 members, mainly as the Adventure Master. During my graduation year I took up Martial Arts and quit competitive basketball. Upon getting my Leaving Certificate I joined the Army and 'sh*t just got real'...

I spent the next few years serving, working in security, being a mercenary and travelling around - finally settling down in Ireland.
I did some tabletop RPG occasionally throughout these years with old friends and it was great as it felt more realistic, I guess we matured.
Got myself a laptop, too, to replay my 'classics' I used to play on my friend's computer (the big ones for me, off the top of my head: Stonekeep, Command&Conquer, Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic, Settlers, MoHAA and Co., Neverwinter Nights - and some other games I can't think of right now).

Since 2007, I am a HUGE fan of the Witcher games, spent a couple of thousand (?) hours playing DotA (WC3) and subsequently DOTA 2 (there lied my PvP) while immersing myself in LOTRO goodness from the time it went f2p. I am also a (semi-)hardcore fan of George R. R. Martin's crown jewel, the Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation, the Game of Thrones.
Briefly tried (up to around level 10...) a few other MMORPGs, like WoW, Neverwinter and Swtor; played a Charr Warrior in GW2 up to lvl 80.

...---*** LOTRO ***---...

The friends who lured me here (and since quit the game) were on Snowbourn so I landed there with a Champion - little did I know how far the road will take me...
When I first started playing LOTRO RP-ing was the default for me, I did it for over a year and did not really understand what an RP tag is for... on an RPG game?... (I really mean it - people went 'Are you from an RP kin?' when I was interacting with them and I was like 'What are you talking about?') After playing for a year, year-and-a-half, both my friends left the game in rapid succession. I felt fairly established on Snowy by then (new in-game friends, 5 characters with maxed out guild rep) and was approaching end-game for the first time. And man, it was an eye-opener!

I struggled a lot because I felt the game is constantly moving forward and I can't keep up with a completionist attitude - the content was already too vast and I suddenly wanted to be everywhere at the same time... competitive, self-reliant, good looking, multi-roling, role-playing (this, by the way, was like a long-supressed itch for me) and more.
Until one day I found a nice, relaxed, mid-sized, casual Kinship, called Room for Improvement, with a mature player base that still liked to complete challenging content on occasion. Spent about a year-and-a-half with this lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the game (and especially small/medium sized Kinships with it) took a few blows post-Isengard as many people were dissatisfied due to Trait Trees, Mounted Combat, Epic Battles and the lack of new, challenging group content. So for the following 6 months I was just roaming around alone and felt like the fire was slowly but surely diying out. Tried to revive the mojo by starting new toons (the 'birth' of Siggar) with two rl friends that I invited but when that attemp failed I decided to quit...
Gave away hordes of stuff on /globallff and started deleting toons when an in-game friend suddenly went 'Hey, don't you delete those epic crafters! I could use them, just pass me the Acc. details and they will be here if you ever decide to come back.' So I did what he asked for and got on with my life (meaning Witcher 2 and GW2 😆).

However when the news of the server merges and the new imbuement system hit I got curious... So I e-mailed that friend, got Customer Service to restore the deleted characters and started to plan the move to Laurelin and to follow the adventures of Club Slowtro...

I hope you enjoyed the rather brief history lesson! 😉

I currently have 7 characters in LOTRO that cover all Professions with maxed out Guild Reputation. They are of different Classes, not including the Beorning, the Burglar and the Rune-keeper. I frequently farm Instances of all difficulty, including some Raids. I am a regular on lotro-wiki and generally interested in all sorts of LOTRO-related guides.
RP-wise I generally find it difficult to identify with any other race than Man, even though 3 of my characters aren't - might have something to do with my own physical build, hard to picture myself as 'short' or 'fragile' 😁.
I tend to spend quite a bit of time with preparation. When in groups I try to be flexible as much as my character/class allows and efficient overall. I love to help if I can and like to represent the 'sharing is caring' attitude.

Finally, I believe actions speak louder than words - here's to a lot more of both!!! 🍶

Yours Best
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#12977921 Jan 10, 2017 at 02:05 PM
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Good write up, cant wait to meet you in game :p
#13104401 Mar 03, 2017 at 08:58 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hello everyone! It's good to meet you all :)

Let's see, about me and Lotro: I started Lotro roughly 2 years ago and have recently started being active again (last time i was active was around June 2016). I started the game as a f2p, but that was no good after lvl 30. I was broke at the time so i kept going as f2p till lvl 77 or so and then BAM! A 75% discount on all expansions for just 10 Euros :D After that, i unlocked a lot of content and as i kept playing i decided to unlock ALL areas with TP grinding methods (had lots of time and empty pockets). Anyway, long story short I've reached the endgame and finished all quests at the time (that was in the top of MT).
After i finished the quests, i thought for a moment to quit the game. But something didn't feel right. Having acquired all the quest packs, it didn't feel right to quit the game like that. So i decided to take some time off (there were other RL reasons for that as well) and then start a new toon to do ALL the quests from all regions. But still something didn't feel right to me. I realized it would be much more fun to do this with a fellowship. Although, taking things slow, doing all quests, taking the time to actually read the quest texts, enjoying the scenery and music of this wonderful game isn't something that many people agree to do so :P And then, there it was: Club Slowtro!

As mentioned, there's no hurry to level up my character, actually i do NOT want to level him up fast. What i want most is to experience and learn about the stories from ALL regions of the game. The XP disabler thing is a perfect item to do just that and i was thrilled to see that one of the requirements for participating in the club was this.
The second one, walk-n-talk RP is something else i would like to do in this game, while questing. That way you could be more immersed in the game and enjoy travelling Middle Earth, help its inhabitants, taking part in great battles, etc. However, i gotta warn you: I've never done RP before and Lotro is my very first MMORPG (and maybe last, as i'm not into these games so much), but i could/want to learn more about it for sure!

Well, i think that's pretty much all i can say for myself at the moment. I hope to get to know each other better as we travel along the way and take part in one of the greatest adventures of one of the greatest worlds created!

#13109828 Mar 06, 2017 at 10:30 AM
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Pleasure to have you join us Thalaranc!
#13498503 Oct 26, 2017 at 03:15 AM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hi there! Let's see.
1. Big Tolkien nut that's why...
2. ...LotRO was my 1st MMORPG.
3. My highest level character (in any MMORPG) is Feaandir, a LM 67. Oh, his profile is here:

4. Due to 2 & 3 my proficiency with the game mechanics makes playing well a challenge all by itself :)

I love immersion and RP as well. I try to avoid using any of the LM higher level abilities or powers when a lower level will do.

My roles as parent of a newborn and day job combine to reduce my available play time - but I'm happy to only show up occasionaly, if the group is cool with that.

Been watching slowtro for a while and hoping to play with you folks!

#13502224 Oct 28, 2017 at 06:00 PM
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Hullo Feaandir!

Pleasure to make yer acquaintance and looking forward to many merry adventures with you!