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#9649805 Jun 18, 2014 at 01:36 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Welcome to the forums!

If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#9675916 Jun 25, 2014 at 02:35 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Hello all.

Thank you for making this happen. It has been quite refreshing redoing the level 6 quests outside Archet again with new eyes. Also not having to look at the experience bar is a nice addition.

About myself, I have been playing MMO's since Asherons Call in the year 2000. Have been in Lotro since open beta. Have numerous characters across different level ranges.

I decided on a human champion for my SLOWTRO experience. I havent played a champion to any degree so should add to the difficulty.

Looking forward to meeting you all in game.

Jullian (Jimhada)
#9676069 Jun 25, 2014 at 03:29 PM
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Hello Jullian

Thanks for the greeting. I'll introduce myself as well: I'm a longtime Pen-and-Paper rollplayer (started with D&D a long time ago), and also a big Tolkien fan. I played LOTRO in 2008 and liked it a lot, but was away for some years (travelling, living abroad) and some more years due to computer issues, but once the Mac-client got going I got back in the game.

I like immersion, RP'ing and am a big completionist. Also, I don't have a lot of free time on my hands. So despite playing for about a year I haven't made it to Moria with any character (in fact not even to Angmar). But this one is going all the way!

I usually play a dwarf, but Berawena suddenly was quite clear to me as a character - and I also like the spear, shield, tank combination of the warden. Will be a challenge though, so it will be good to have good friends along!

Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#9676337 Jun 25, 2014 at 05:01 PM
Sleeping Turtle
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Nice idea starting this thread Berawena!

My first (and only) experience with MMOs is LOTRO, started play it in 2008 but I had to stop because of "lack of funds" :D
I've re-started it in 2012, and Slowtro is what I ever looked for, and now exists!
I'm proud to be part of it!

My only RP experiences have been in LOTRO but I a big fan of Tolkien's work keep reading it year after year.

Looking forward to have many great adventures with you people!
Hesthorn of Esgaroth
Founder and proud Slowtroer

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This post will give away my age, which is why it makes sense I am playing an elf {grin}.

My first exposure to RP was buying the D&D Basic Set and Chainmail game guideline in 1979/1980, but then I had no one to play with (can't imagine why). In 1981-1983 I played AD&D and Rolemaster pretty regularly. There was a long gap, and I picked up MMORPGs with Guild Wars 1 in late 2006, where I played mostly Mesmer. That has been off and on until a couple of months ago, when GW1 burnout caused me to switch to LOTRO.

I read Tolkien in middle school around 1975, when it was not such a big thing back then. As I studied linguistics in college, it seemed to make sense to acquire an artificial language, so I have targeted Sindarin to study. One simply can't learn a language well unless they immerse themselves in it, and the best source for Siindarin immersion, hands down, would be LOTRO RP and other activities.

In Lotro I have more elf characters and more Lore-Master characters, but have at least one of every race.

And even though I am from the USA, I lived overseas for 6 years. I feel closer to the European community, but have started a Landroval toon when you all are asleep. ;)
#9676729 Jun 25, 2014 at 06:55 PM
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Hello people!

I have been RPing for some 2 and a half years (yes, I feel so new around some of you) in games such as LotRO and SW:TOR. I have no experience with pen-and-paper and am a very young 19. :P

I'll be joining you lot on my Dwarf first (Delthrer) as he is closer to the guild's level cap, but around September / October time, I'll introduce my main, Kadhiel, into the mix. ;)
Come now laddies... Allow me to tell ye a little old tale... Long ago...
#9678965 Jun 26, 2014 at 08:23 AM
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Hiya guys,

I started to play LOTRO in 2009 with SoA, then i left the game in order to try something new.

After many years of jumping around between various titles (AoC, TSW, DDO, etc.) I took a pause from gaming in general. That's because for work reasons, I've abandoned PC platforms to shift to Open Source and MAC systems.

I joined them again these last 2 years, initially by consoles. But i felt a little bit nostalgic to have fun with other people (not in a lonely single-player style).
So, because LOTRO still a better game for these 2 mainly reasons (IMHO):
1) It's still the most valuable game in terms of lore and contents;
2) Have a MAC version! :D;

I re-joined it few months ago. I'm leveling up my old main character at the moment, Erbereth Tyrmiak (LM - Laurelin as well), and when I heard about SLOWTRO i decided to join you. With my main, I'm an Italian High-RP kinship member, and this game need role-players indeed! It's really funny for me play this game with my char. in full-immersion.
In fact, like some of you, I'm a yearly-proved role-playing gamer with experience in D&D, Live Actions RPG, and many others.

So, that's it!
See you in game! ;)
Elrhandir Adanorn
Captain of Gondor
#9679177 Jun 26, 2014 at 10:09 AM
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Hello there!

I've been playing LotRO on and off for three years now. Prior to that I had little roleplaying experience nor am I much of a video gamer. I started playing purely because, well, why wouldn't I want to step into Middle Earth? :P

I am a keen board gamer though and would like to try some tabletop RPing but due to my location it is hard to find a group. Next time my board game group meets up I will certainly be suggesting trying it out!

Club Slowtro is ideal for me since I have an 8-day old baby which means I can dip in and out as and when I have time and maybe play a bit more when things start in earnest in September.
#9679270 Jun 26, 2014 at 11:08 AM
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#9679177 Wil "the Fisherboy" Longbrush wrote:

Club Slowtro is ideal for me since I have an 8-day old baby which means I can dip in and out as and when I have time and maybe play a bit more when things start in earnest in September.

Congratulations on the new arrival.

#9679177 Wil "the Fisherboy" Longbrush wrote:

I am a keen board gamer though and would like to try some tabletop RPing but due to my location it is hard to find a group. Next time my board game group meets up I will certainly be suggesting trying it out!

Might I suggest
I havent done tabletop roleplay in years for reasons similar to yourself. But occasionally play online with friends using the platform.
#9684400 Jun 27, 2014 at 05:57 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Thanks Jullian I'll be checking that site out :) Is it noob-friendly?
#9709731 Jul 04, 2014 at 09:16 AM
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Hi everyone
just getting round to putting something about me I think most of you will have met Pada

My main experience of role playing was again with pen and paper in my teens a long time ago; I plan to retire in the next decade so maybe revert back to being a teenager ;)
I have dabbled with RP in LOTRO mainly attending the odd event but I have never joined a RP kingship or RP in a Fellowship. I am really enjoying developing Pada's character. My typing is very very slow so in a group if Pada does not reply or say much its either his character or more likely by the time I typed a reply the conversation as moved on.

I joined LOTRO near the start mainly because of my love of the lord of the rings books. Been members of a few kingships over the years but due to real life I have been a casual player. Playing a few hours a month to fairly recently.
My partner is now working away during the week so I am playing much more weekdays but not at the weekends. I partly work from home so you could find me playing any time Mon to Thursday 7am to 11pm (UK time) and sometimes Sunday evenings after 8.

I tend to be up early so prefer to log off by 11 at the latest. Happy to play later if I am needed for a group.
#9712057 Jul 05, 2014 at 12:21 AM
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Just realized I never introduced myself. Here's the tl;dr version:

-college student
-started playing LOTRO last year
-fairly experienced RPer
-shameless cosmetics hoarder
-enjoy making .abcs/playing music
-timezone PDT
#9758346 Jul 16, 2014 at 11:41 PM
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TL;DR: Little RP experience, copious LotRO experience, names turned off.

My only RP experience was back in the early days of text adventuring -- for a while I was an obscure named storyline character in AmberMUSH. I'm a LotR lore monkey, but not near the calibre of Stephen Colbert or LotRO's Berephon. I've been with LotRO almost from the beginning, starting around 2003 when it was just the forum for Middle-earth Online, and hopped on as a founder/lifer in open beta.

Somewhere around Moria or shortly afterward it seemed to me that a lot of the craftsmanship had gone out of the quest team - the scenery team has done amazing work all along, but (for example) Eregion seems all "kill 10 rats, blow the horn to summon the rat boss" repeated half a dozen times. I love the openness and gorgeous scenery of Eregion, but it's lost the spontaneity of the earlier Shadows of Amber work. Dunland is worse: there are villages full of people who won't even talk to you until you've done the preliminary quest in the right order. It's like questing on rails -- if you get off the track you don't have anything to do. Mounted combat leaves me cold.

I still don't understand Big Battles, nor do I like what I do understand of them. I'm hoping that this group will help ease me into that bit.

So I got into the habit of starting a new character whenever I got frustrated with the way the development had to go with an old one, and when the Tortoise came out I was all over it. I probably have 8 or 10 of them now on various characters and servers. My usual mode is leaving off all object and character names/titles/kinships, all symbols except quest rings and vendor indicators, all floating damage, all combat indicator particles, the quest guide and the map coordinates info. I like the clean look of the unlabeled world -- now if I connect to a character where I haven't done that it looks like walking around the real world with Google Glass identifying everything. I miss scattered objects like abandoned corpses and backpacks, but who needs 'em?

I came to Laurelin when I saw the Combe group organizing, but it looks more regimented than I like, so I was pleased to see that Slowtro was doing almost precisely what I had started doing on my own.

Thanks for letting me in!
#9761955 Jul 17, 2014 at 09:48 PM
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Interesting way to play, Cortobras. You might want to check out our thread on Immersion RP.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#9762794 Jul 18, 2014 at 01:55 AM
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Wow - looks very challenging. You all seem born to this. I'm starting to write/retcon my biography now - we'll see if it fits what I've done so far.
#9766003 Jul 18, 2014 at 11:23 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Hello! I am just getting round to writing this. My hobbit-thing Adoxa is level 8 now, and still exploring the north west part of the Shire. LOTRO-wise, I have played since 2007, with various characters and hundreds of alts, and with many (sometimes very) long breaks away from the game.

I'm not a huge RP-er (I joined Laurelin server because my friends were on it), which is part of the reason I chose a hobbit to join the club because I think it's the only type of character I feel relatively comfortable (attempting to) roleplay!

In the outside-world I am doing my degree at uni (I am a relative late-comer to university at 26!) and looking after my toddler. I'm on summer break at the moment so it's likely that from October I will play much less than I will be doing over the summer. I live in the UK and generally play in the evenings after my little one has gone to bed, but he also goes to nursery three mornings a week so sometimes I will be about then.

In-game I am generally known as Ray. As my main char is Rayene, so she might poke her head into the slowtro channel from time to time to see who is online.
#9780592 Jul 22, 2014 at 04:15 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Welcome to club slowtro Ray

I also went to Uni at 26, really enjoyed it _ I became the uncle of my group and tended to get much higher grades than the younger students.
I didn't have a family unlike you and did have a grant rather than todays loans; in fact I got more than most being over 25 :)

#9797033 Jul 26, 2014 at 11:11 AM
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Hello people.
I have joined site, after finishing my turtle grinding and thought that I should leave a "short" note about me, club slowtro and my OOC plans. I ll try to write in short sentences in order to keep the post shorter. Fell free to message me with any questions, enquiries etc.

I am 50 years old from Greece (so bear with me with the abuse of English language). I play MMO's since almost the beginning, (no MUD's though) and for the past few years I feel the burnout of fast levelling and bored at the level cap, since gear grinding is not my cup of tea. I am an altaholic and the only MMo's I even reached the cap (and quit all together a little while afterwards) was LotRO at the time of Moria and WoW at the time of BC.

I am not much of a roleplayer due to language problems and bad typing skils (I refuse to use voice since it is a major immersion breaker for me) but I like to immerse myself in a world and act IC gameplaywise as much as I can. I would like to use some examples concering my solo play in the context of slowtro.

Until the game tells me that there is trouble in Trestlebridge, I dont have any incentive to go there. At lvl 8, I will be happy killing wolves around Celodim and trying to be more proficient with my skills, digging ore and trying to be prepared for the difficult time ahead in terms of armour. I may find my way to Shire and deliver some pies since Metalsmithing is not providing enough for an income and I may hear that the good hobbits of Overhill and Needlehole have slug problems in the nearby swamp. I may even be advised by a hobbit that if I help with slugs long enough I will appreciate the virtue of innocense more. I am not sure Kevroar will believe it though.

I am an altaholic and I intend to create many alts on level. The only factor that may stop me for making an alt every 3 days or so is the TP grind for the turtles.

For me something like slowtro is the best thing since sliced bread, because of everything I mention above and because of being around a group of more or less equal minded people makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Being away of LotRO a long time and with things changing a bit, I play like a completely new player; not that I was very twichy back then, but I am experienced enough not to do idiotic things often, resulting in wipes and such.

I have a million other things to say but the post is long and boring enough already. Concluding I would like to say that everyone in club slowtro is not only "allowed" but encouraged to contact me in game or in the forums or via PM about anything, be it chat, help, inquiries, etc..

Kevroar of Lindon, Armsman Champion.
#9957124 Sep 02, 2014 at 12:31 AM
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Hi, everybody.

First up, thanks for organising this - sounds like a great idea.

Long time gamer here - been into computers since the ZX81 and into RPGs since AD&D while at school. I bought LotRO when it came out, but have only made it as far as the Lone Lands (several times - I keep re-rolling and trying again every few years).

This sort of slowed-down artificially-capped play really appeals to me, as I love doing group content at the appropriate level.

I've not done much role-playing in MMOs, so we'll see how that works out for me (not that familiar with Middle Earth, either - I know; I know...).

My own personal goal with LotRO this time around is to play through the Epic Storyline at a reasonable pace. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out!

Matt (Lylan, Hobbit Huntress)
#9958892 Sep 02, 2014 at 11:34 AM
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Hi all - loving the idea of Club Slowtro, hope you don't mind if I tag along.

I'm a 'lite' RP'er in MMOs - generally I'll have a paragraph of backstory in my head, a couple of character quirks that make my life more difficult, then wing it from there and see what happens.

Otherwise, my gaming background is mostly identical to Lylan above (we know each other IRL). I've also rolled a load of alts and never made it beyond the Lonelands. (Although we did manage a virtual pub-crawl of the Shire when we last played).

'Seeing the Mines of Moria at L50' has gradually become something of a distant, near-mythical bucket-list travel goal for me. I'm beginning to think I might get to see Macchu Picchu IRL first.

I'm generally on about 9-11pm Weds nights UK time, which is bang on for your first meeting in the Prancy Pony. Result!

Seeyou in-game,

Rychyrd Flowryder - Pirate Captain.