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Berawena grew up in the village of Archet and spent her youth as a happy girl who wanted nothing more than to cut timber at the logging camp, chase rabbits through the fields and beat all the boys of Bree-land with a stick.

From her strong, physical brother she learned how to defend herself, and became quite skilled with spear and shield, and from her wise, kind sister, she learned about curiosity and interest in the world (although she wished she had listened a lot better when her sister read aloud).

Her life changed drastically when the Blackwolds attacked Archet. Her parents' house was burned down and her brother killed by the brigands. She took part in the defense and witnessed first hand the awful creatures that came with the Blackwolds and took the ranger Amdir with them. Since then she has wanted nothing more than to get revenge over the Blackwolds and to find out what is behind it all.

She has left Archet, leaving her sister behind to tend to her old, sick parents. She sends all the silver she can afford, and is happy when she meets friends who will join her against the common foe.

At heart, Berawena is a sensible and happy girl, but the events in Archet has darkened her thoughts. Her greatest wish is that it would all be over and she could return to Archet, but she knows that she has to take the battle to the end. She never gives up. And she never wants anybody to know that she is afraid.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
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