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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Wil grew up the eldest son of market stall owners at the Combe Gate in Bree. He showed no desire to follow in his parents' footsteps however, and was allowed to spend most of his time fishing in the wilds around Bree, bringing back juicy fish to sell on the stall.

He was content enough with this life, but still he desired more adventure. He made up stories on his lonely expeditions about terrible beasts and vicious bandits stalking the Bree-lands, to take back to his younger siblings as true stories. His parents soon got tired of this behaviour and demanded that it end. Wil however persisted with his stories and lies.

At 16, he was on his way to one of his favourite fishing spots when he happened upon a group of bandits near the Chetwood. He hid in a nearby field, too afraid to run, as he overheard conversation of an imminent attack on Archet.

Terrified, he attempted to make a run for it, but found himself face to face with a bandit. Wil had no time to think before he whipped out his fish knife and warded the bandit off.

Barely escaping with his life, he made it back to Bree but of course no one believed him about the attack. He had said one too many lies in his life. When the attack did happen a few days later, the guilt of not being able to warn others was more than he could bear. He committed to tell no more lies and to speak to somebody, anybody, that would allow him to help in the fight against the Blackwolds. He convinced one of his friends in the Bree Town Guard to allow him to use a training sword and dummy at night. If no one would listen, then at least he could fight.

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Investigating Combe

Having been commanded not to leave the walls of Bree after nightfall by his over protective parents, Wil found it hard to seek for evidence of Blackwold activity. But when he could hold out no longer he sneaked out in the middle of the night, something which he had never done before. He donned his pack and climbed through his window out into the alleyways of Bree.

He soon found his way to Combe, where a town guard stopped him at the gate.
"Hullo there, stranger. Don't you know it's dangerous to be walking these roads by yerself at night? Especially someone so... young"
"I'm sixteen, nearly a man, and I must get back home to my unwell father. He'll be worried sick. I'm going to collect some medicine from the leecher. Cartwell's expecting me" Wil lied.
"Best get yerself in then lad. Archet was saved but there might still be bandits about."

Wil was hurried in before he could ask for information about the Blackwolds. It was probably for the best, he doubted the guards would want to spread fear amongst the townsfolk. He arrived at the Combe Square and made his way to the Inn. He'd heard that inns were always the best place for gossip. He'd not been in one before though, so he needed to gather all his courage before he could enter.

The ruffians at the back of the room made him nervous, but he approached the bar nevertheless, and ordered his very first frothy pint of ale.

It went straight to his head, but he tried to remain sober enough to ask the Innkeep about the Blackwold. She said they had mostly retreated to the far end of the Chetwood, and there were some reports of a camp within a ruin near Archet.

She also mentioned a group of adventurers who had been in the Inn a few nights before, talking about hunting down a warg within the Chetwood. Wil pressed her on the details of their conversation, but she remembered little, and only mentioned that one of them was an elf! Wil scoffed a little at that, but she seemed sure of it. Wargs and elves in the area, could they be related to the recent attack? He needed to find this group of warg hunters and offer them his services. He would not let another attack on another village, or even Bree itself, happen without him finding evidence of it beforehand and raising the alarm. Not after what happened to Archet.

But first, he noticed that the sun was coming up. He needed to hurry back to Bree before his parents found that he had snuck out!

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Aiding the Company

Wil had not been able to sleep since he had joined the mysterious company on their warg hunt in the Chetwood. He had never felt so alive, so excited, and yet so useless! The members of this company were heroes, warriors and hunters, but Wil... he was just a fisherboy, as they oft reminded him on the hunt. He knew they snickered and laughed at him behind his back. They were right though, he wasn't a hero, or a warrior, or a hunter. But he did have heart, he had no doubt about that. How could he aid these people and absolve him of the guilt that had wrecked him over the attack on Archet?

It hit him suddenly. His father, originally from Combe, had been friends with a great man. He was a healer, a man known as Leecher Cartwell. As a child, Wil had spent some time in his company, and had found his work immensely interesting. Most of what he had learned he had forgotten, but surely it cannot be that hard to relearn healing techniques?

So Wil made his way to Cartwell's house in Combe, and chatted to him about everything that had happened to him. Cartwell knew only too well about the dangers facing Combe, and so was happy to help. He did however warn Wil not to get involved in any dangerous situations or his father would have words with him!

Wil wasted no time in getting to work. He was in the best place he could possibly start though, the Leecher had a vast collection of books related to healing, potions, biology and even poisons. He may not be or ever will be a fighter, but he was determined to aid the company in the fight against the Blackwolds. They were destined for some life-and-limb threatening quests, and Wil would know how to keep them alive. He may yet prove his worth to the world.

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