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We can use this thread to discuss different kinds of attitudes towards immersion in the game. (For the extreme version see the Total Immersion series).

I play Berawena as a poor country girl from Archet. That means literally that she has nothing except what she finds on her way. That's why she still wears her starter clothes. I may buy her some nice cosmetic stuff when there is an RP reason to do so, but right now I keep it very simple. She can only use items from quests, drops or crafted by herself or friends. No auction house, no hobbit presents - I destroy them immediately (always loathed them anyway). All the starter gifts I threw away as well. There's no reason she would be riding the Steed of the Hammerhand.

I also send a lot of the silver and gold Bera finds back to her family in Archet, to pay for a new house and her brother's funeral. (This means I send it to another character). She is on the road to help her family not to get herself rich. This actually meant that I had sent too much money to buy a horse even when I wanted to. She may get one later, or may not.

I'm also considering not overloading her with good gear. But this is mainly to make the whole thing more challenging. I don't want her to cosmetically wear a helmet - so maybe she won't wear one at all. But I'll leave the good gear in her backpack for when it is needed (for the barrows for example!!!).

She'll never get her own house - unless it was for her family. But she will keep all the trophies she gets from monsters (like Iornaith's head), because she is proud of those!

What's your take on immersion and RP? Any rules you set for yourself to make it more fun?
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I like to completely separate RP from in-game content.

So equipment-wise, I'll use the best gear available for questing, while using the cosmetic outfits for RP. Weapons are a bit different, I'll use the best available if that falls in line with his character. For example, he has been using either his club or knife used for fishing, but will now use a sword that he picked up from a dead blackwold from last night's event.

In regards to money - I don't really care if he has 20 gold in his in-game wallet. I know that he only has a small pouch of change on his person, and will roleplay as such.

I have bought him a horse, but I only use it to get from one place to another OOC. He can't afford one IC, so will never use it in RP.

This separation of RP and OOC works in many aspects of the game, including crafting, travelling, questing etc..

Also, I make good use of the /rp on tag. If it's on, then I'm walking not running everywhere, doing everything that Wil the fisherboy would do. When it's off, he can do what he likes. He runs everywhere, crafts gear he wouldn't otherwise craft, does some solo questing, but it is all OOC and not a part of his IC adventures.

I think that gives you an idea of how I RP. I'd be interested to hear how you all do it. Great topic Bera!

PS I also have a few other little things I do, like put on a hood/cloak when it's raining, put a hat on when it's sunny etc.

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For example, my line is focused to simply follow in total my BG. Like my new armor or my steed Pierre, that is my horse since my first travel with my father. As well as the informations about Mithrandir. But I'm a supporter of RP in literally terms. If you wanna explanations about more things regarding Elrhandir, you'll need to find them ingame and not written on a website :) Keep in mind that many things and situations born naturally during the sessions themselves.
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I like the challenge we get from being low level, and like attempting harder stuff. Currently working my way through the slayer deeds in the Shire, they are fine at 8 but at 6 I struggled with goblins and spiders. The other day I bumped into Hesthorn and we joined up to kill goblins, I played my alt guardian who is only equipped in story gear and stuff he picked up. The first mob train Hestorn pulled to me soon showed just how under equipped I was, in skills and gear.

So yes, I can understand from a RP perspective, my character may not have the best of gear, but to achieve difficult tasks you might have to bend the rules. It would be too hard to enforce a self limiting rule, I could only use looted gear, as that is only a matter of time, the more I kill mobs the more likely stuff will come I can use.

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Pada will only wear his tatty clothing (cosmetic outfits) but he will have the best gear for questing. He will hire horses to get around and at level 20 if he can show he can ride well at Hengstacer Farm he will buy a horse, He will have earned enough money by then from money earned by doing jobs and selling his trinkets. He will never live in a house for long or own one.

Weapons will likely be his staff I think but later when he could use a sword as well I doubt he would use one. I have not completely decided.

I have /RP on all the time as I never considering him out of role play. I consider channel chat directed at me when Pada cannot realistically hear the character. I will reply for Pada saying what I understand what he is doing and wants to do
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Age, perspective, and purpose are probably the biggest challenges to roleplaying any elf.

Age: Talarka is 93, and his sister Gladnagl is 113. This equates to about 19 and 21 in human physical and mental maturity, but they do have benefit of the life experience of at least 50 years, as well as access to most of Elven lore. Placing the siblings under contract to Cirdan the Shipright in Lindon means they have access to about 10,000 years of elven lore, mostly undisturbed by the wars of Middle Earth across the three Ages.

Perspective: The majority of MIddle Earth elves have left the Grey Havens for the Undying Lands. The majority of the elves west of the Anduin are holding on only due to the three Elven Rings. The elves know in their hearts the Third Age is shortly coming to an end, and the Fourth Age will be the Age of Men. If the One Ring is destroyed, that accelerates the time tables since Lorien's and Rivendell's rings will lose their power. According to Tolkien Lore, most of the remaining elves outside Mirkwood will leave in 150 years after the War of the Rings.

Purpose: What do two young, ambitious elves do when their world is "shortly" coming to an end? Playing the Epic Story Line, it becomes very clear that the Elven civilization must hand off their knowledge and wisdom to eligible men, and they must do so very quickly! The two siblings take very different approaches; Talarka is focused on forestry and land management, and Gladnagl is focused on preserving M.E. history and lore while transferring it to human guardianship.

In human terms, Talarka is wealthy because of his access to resources, though he doesn't carry much currency on his person. The cedar forests are run like a collective farm with the earnings shared among the members of his clan, mostly based on need. Individual elves and their close business partners operate on a gift economic system, as most of their currency needs are meet by departing Elves paying Cirdan for passage, with some of that money going back to the lumber business. Talarka basically "dresses down" in order to fit in with his present and future lumber clients.

Middle Earth humans have a history of deforestation on larger building projects, notably the "East Blight" of Mirkwood, and most of the Enedwaith. When Talarka saw the clear cutting in Combe/Chetwood, he saw the scary possiblity of that trend continuing in Eregion. Because the Grey Haven's demand for lumber is declining, he sees an opportunity for Lindon forestry to shift production from shipbuilding to rebuliding Bree, North Downs, and Evendim; the former populated areas of Arnor. So his motivation is to try to build up that business as quickly as possible in order to save the remaining forests of Eriador.

It's a lot of fun to roleplay the business and economic side of Middle Earth, partly because Tolkien doesn't really dig down into those details other than mapping trade routes. However, Turbine has done an excellent job with Forochel in developing an extreme scarcity economy and RPing the xenophobia that the locals would naturally have in that environment.

From the immersion side of things, I try to be realistic about what one elf could do in the time allowed while he is awake (which is most of the time as an elf). So he uses a lot of business contacts in Lindon, Thorin's Hall, and Bree to keep certain projects on track, and is always delegating work when possible. The faster he can build his World Reknown and Ambassador of the Elves meta-titles, the more he can get accomplished through others. This makes a very enjoyable RP personna of part businessman, part adventurer, and part ambassador.
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