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Hmm... I have to side a little with Jullian that the focus seems to jump a little. Yesterday, I was a little surprised that we were suddenly jumping to looking after hobbits.

The issue I see here is this - the quests demand you to do a gazillion different tasks at about the same time. So for questing events, you'd end up defeating some spider overlord / finding Hesthorn / getting maple sap / getting mushrooms / finding a hobbit / facing giant walking trees all at the same time, until we lose proportion of RP and where do we end up?

That is why I am pressing a little for more RP-only events to fix this RP issue as well as questing and taking things slowly, our purpose. However, I also believe that since Wednesday, the club was beginning to debate these issues, and I think we're going to fix this. I believe in you guys. :)

Well... To be honest, there's another thing niggling at my RP senses. I dislike how sometimes, the group gather and we just go boom-boom-boom, doing everything at once, and we barely know our opinions, it's like we're emotionless mind controlled slaves of Strider and Lenglinn almost. Not many people state an opinion, it's like we just talk about the dangers, and never be characters. Characters would logically do a lot more than just pass a comment "Oh, the trees walk a little" or "That's scary" IC. They'd show their emotions and character perks. But this is more of a medium-heavy RP thing, so if you want to stay light RP, then I can bypass this.
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I've been on the "game" side since launch, but have been trying to ease myself into "Light RP" here. I'm finding it challenging. As an altaholic I have several "associates" - five of us with the Stone of the Tortoise, and two sort of ranging free, all spawned at the same time last Spring. In some ways my level 1-8 characters are more RP than I (my main, Cortobras), since they don't need to be advancing anything but just sit back and work at their jobs... farming, cooking, whittling, studying ancient texts, banging metal and exchanging goods.

Part of my disconnect is due to slightly different goals. I wanted to go slow so I could experience everything Middle-earth has to offer, which means doing everything that fits with my character (who's a lot like me, as it turns out... Mark Twain said if you keep your lies close to the truth it's easier to remember them); as opposed to the more RP strategy of picking the specific quests and non-quest goals that will advance the storyline that Slowtro wants to concentrate on. I'm not sure that my "do everything" goal is easily integrated into RP.

Fortunately my confusion won't affect too many people, since I'm in a rare time zone: servertime - 3: west coast US, so I don't want anything to change to accommodate me.
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#10071227 Hullis wrote:

Possibly a time restraint or a beginning/end time for game sessions and a statement of what the group is trying to accomplish whenever there is a group event? Free ranging RP is fine and awesome but if you've got more than two people coordinating their schedules it might be a good idea?

I think this is spot on, along with many other comments in this thread.

Last Wednesday us 'light-RPers' had a great night talking to Tom Bombadil and, to be honest, messing around a little. :-) A lot of that's down to the fact that we all know each other IRL, and have played in a fair few MMOs together.

However, I don't see the fact that there's 'us lot' that don't go in for too much RP and 'the other lot' who do meaning that The Turtles can't accommodate these two different play styles (even on the same night). Speaking personally as a light RPer, I enjoyed the introductory evening we had in The Pony, and I'm sure that I'd attend other more RP-heavy events. Similarly, I know from experience that at least some of the more heavy TP Turtles don't mind just chewing the (RL) fat once in a while.

The great thing about The Turtles for me is the fact that we're all progressing together, and hopefully there will continue to be a reasonably crowd of us all at relatively the same level so that we can tackle some of that fellowship and raid content in the future.
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I think there's room for all approaches in slowtro, from light-RP questing with OOC banter thrown in, to heavy RP with stories made up completely by us. The key is to be clear about what each group is doing or wants to do. That's what I take away from this discussion.

If anybody want to go looking for Hesthorn in the Old Forest (he might have ended up in the Weaver's Den for example ...) I'll be up for it, tonight probably. Real IC RP, no hobbit-finding.

Also, I've sent our new spy Grannola out to ask about town if they know anything about Hesthorn. Who knows - if he's followed those crebain from Bolger, he might have ended up in the Barrows - like we are about to do?

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I have been thinking of a way to improve our RP experience, when it comes to conversing with each other while IC.

The reason for that is: I've noticed (and I do not take myself out of it, done it plenty of times as well. Also, that's a common thing all over Laurelin's Roleplayers) that sometimes while talking with each other, the person who's currently talking might want to say many things (e.g. when narrating a story, when reporting of the events that transpired during a mission etc.) but would like to do so without being interrupted. However, when typing not all of us have the same speed and others would most likely want to speak their mind at some point, having thought that the speaker has finished talking. Then, we would have multiple floating chat messages at the same time, the cohesion of the conversation would lessen and immersion would take a hit.

But what if there was a way to let others know when we're done talking or still have something to say? The idea had come to me quite some time ago, when Kiri and Thal met IC in Moria. I've noticed J would sometimes add '..' instead of a single '.' at the end of the sentences and I thought perhaps he wants to say more before I respond so I waited (not sure if you've done it deliberately or accidentally adding a second full stop). Then I thought, why not implement something like this for all of us? It's quite simple, easy to remember and would improve cohesion and immersion. So here it is:

- When we're not done talking and want to say more, we add '..' at the end of our RP message.
- When we're done talking and it's time for someone else to speak, we add '.' at the end.


'It has been a while since we last met, my friend.' >> done talking, expecting response

'You would not believe what creatures lurk in the deep places of Moria. I have gazed upon many terrors that would make even the bravest turn tail at the sight of them. It all started when Bosi and I were asked to head for the Water-Works..' >> not done talking, begins describing his/her experience with Bosi at Water-works

'I have listened to everything that you said and only have to say one thing about it..' >> not done, is about to make an extensive response.

So, basically:
- When we're not done = ..
- When we're done = .

Of course, sometimes one might want to interrupt either way, when having an RP reason to do so (e.g. if we're at a camp in the woods and a wolf suddenly comes by while someone is tale-telling and one of the company shouts out 'Wolf!' or in other situations) but let's not abuse this.

So, what do you think?

P.S: Not sure if this is the right thread for the suggestion or I should make another thread... It just seemed appropriate to post it here.
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sounds reasonable and pretty intuitive Thala - having chatted this through last night i'm happy to try this - we need to organise an rp event soon sometime soon - perhaps setting out from Caras Galadhon to cross into Mirkwood? - so next time up we should remind everyone of the 'Thala rule' and try it out? i'd like some more rp in Lir's life really enjoyed meeting you on the banks of mirrormere with Gwen a while back
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You and I both, Lir. The RP session with Gwen, Lir and Thala was one of the best sessions I've had since I started doing RP. I would very much like to meet IC with you and the rest of the Company and do some quests, or even for a more talkative RP session while we have our toons rest.

I was thinking about leaving Caras Galadhon behind and head for Imlad Lalaith while IC. From there the company could take the boat to Mirkwood. But that's for the end of the month, since we've all decided to stay in CG at lvl 60 in August. We'll see how it's gonna go down then.

Let's find a better name please, not sure if I'm comfortable with it. I'll even go as far as forgetting the 'pulling a Lir' nomenclature in return :P