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Hesthorn has gone missing. He was last seen chasing the crebain into the Old Forest (or so Bolger says). We followed him there, but couldn't find him. Yngvhar tried to talk to Bombadil about him, but all he could say was: "Up the Withywindle".

And so, Jullian and I went there - up the Withywindle - this night. A terrible trip through the forest. Diseased bears, corpses of animals everywhere, into the heart of the forest, where we met a giant spider and a mad, talking tree. But did we find Hesthorn? Is this him?

Berawena of Archet
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#10085737 Sep 30, 2014 at 01:22 AM
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I spent some time looking for Hesthorn in the Old Forest... very spooky at night. Maybe it'll be better in the light next time. I got distracted by mushrooms (a rather common occurrence, I must admit), then found an ominous-looking spider cocoon among an infestation of bats. It held the remains of someone's pockets, but I think not Hesthorn's... last time we adventured together he had plenty of food, and little that would appeal to a spider. I met three other hobbits, none of whom had seen a Man... except one who'd recently killed a brigand. The brigand's corpse was definitely not Hesthorn's.

So... no luck here.
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