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"The Minions of the Plague" - deep in the Barrows rests the wicked Fergandir, a gaunt lord, a distributer of sickness. Slay him, and you may find news of your dear Hesthorn. For I have heard from the birds and the trees that he went that way to remove the sickness from the land."
- Tom Bombadil to Berawena

And from Tobold Leafcutter we know the story of the plague that hit Cardolan:

'Ah, you found something! Many of the pages are missing, but perhaps I can glean something from those which remain.

'Ah! This is almost too terrible to read. The author, a Man of Cardolan, tells how those few of Cardolan who remained died in a Great Plague, borne alone by dark clouds from the East. Soon after, fell spirits swept down from the North. The man writes of tormenting dreams that followed, dreams of a place called Angmar. Soon after, the Dead walked the land once more. In the last entry, the man writes that he fears that he too will succumb to the Plague, but that his body will never know rest.

'How I wish I had remained ignorant of those cursed lands, yet now I find I must know more. If you ever find more pages of this journal, bring them to me. Perhaps in this knowledge, a defence against these fell spirits can be learned.'

So we went there, Grannola, Belphas and I, into the barrow of Haudh Iarchith. Filled with pestilence and plague that place was. Our journey did not go well. We fought them hard and long, but in the end we had to retreat... too strong for us they were.

Or, as Belphas said right at the beginning:

"I have a bad feeling about this." Yup.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
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