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#10646345 Feb 09, 2015 at 07:45 PM
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Good Day Tortoises,

Just wanted to give more details about the kin-chest materials storage and swap that I mentioned in the mail that came with the Kinhouse Grand Opening notice.

As you all know, getting a new character's crafting skill from Apprentice to Expert can be difficult because of lack of materials. Scholars especially have difficulty getting mats. In the Auction House, when T1/T2 materials are available at all, they are usually unreasonably expensive. Critical items are not worth auctioning because of their high price, and scroll cases are usually just sold to the merchant. If you are roleplaying through the game and completing most of it, then this is much less of a problem. But I recognize some Tortoises just want to catch up to the rest of the herd.

Expert level is the goal here to allow joining crafting guilds, after that you are on your own. Because Expert level crafting mats are used to make guild reputation items, these mats are even more scarce and expensive. Expert level crafting also opens up Level 22 and higher gear, which competes with Skirmish gear starting at Level 20. So for a character to provision themselves as they level, usually early Expert proficiency is enough to play through the game comfortably with the crafted gear available. Expert guild recipe gear is Level 30, which is beyond what any Tortoise can use at the moment with the current level cap.

The other issue is kin chest storage. The starting chest has 30 slots, 15 more costs 9 gold, and IIRC 15 more slots after that costs 27 gold. Then it requires mithril coin to go any higher. I already placed some pipe-weed, pies, and ales in storage, and we now have about 11 open slots for donations or more mats. So this does not offer enough space for all available T1/T2 mats, crits, and scroll cases. Most craft materials I am leaving in the chest, while the crits and scrolls are in Talarka's personal storage vault which has been maxed out to 120 slots.

If you would like to accelerate your crafting, by all means help yourself to the chest contents and mail Talarka for any other materials. If you have unneeded T1/T2 materials taking up space, then you may donate them directly into the chest or mail them to Talarka if you like, and donations or swaps are certainly appreciated. Please limit this to Company of the Tortoise kinship member characters and not alt characters. Many Tortoises would be happy to craft you items if asked.

Processing: There is a feature called "Processing" available to Jeweler (copper/silver), Weaponsmith (bronze, barrow-iron ingots), Metalsmith (bronze, barrow-iron ingots), Tailor (brushed light leathers, brushed medium leathers), and Woodworker (thin rowan board, thin ash board). Two materials make four shavings, and four shavings in turn makes back one material. So with each pass of processing, you will consume half the materials. But if you do not need useless crafted items just for crafting XP, processing is great for earning experience. Processing earns you 8 crafting XP for each "pass" (10 with a lesser crafting acceleration scroll), or 16 for a "round trip". 16 mats if fully processed will give you almost 250 crafting XP, while using the same materials to make items would get you less than a third of that. If your going to take materials from the chest, please economize by using crafting if just to advance your proficiency.

Once I get a better understanding of my hoarded materials, I'll update this thread with types of items we have plenty of, and where we have shortages.

#10649034 Feb 10, 2015 at 08:46 AM
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Good stuff Talarka.

#10649196 Feb 10, 2015 at 09:56 AM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Talarka is now "Quartermaster-in-Chief"!

I'll be happy to contribute stuff to this, I've got lots of rowan and ash and leathers.
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#10650520 Feb 10, 2015 at 04:22 PM
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Sounds great - I've no interest in crafting so I've been routinely selling materials and recipes etc to vendors for beer money. I swear I can hear a crafter crying somewhere each time I do this.

In future I'll donate what I can to the guild chest. Free ale and pies are a massive incentive.
#10651521 Feb 10, 2015 at 07:27 PM
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I'll rename a tab in the chest as "Donate", where folks like Rychyrd can drop off materials as they are picking up pies and smokes. If people still want to get merch money for their materials, mail them to Talarka as COD with the amount set for what the merchant would give you (plus postage).

We now have about 10 open spaces again, as Grannola donated 9 gold to open up 15 slots, while Talarka and Silathan dropped off about 15 more items. Grannola is a woman of means now, after spending the winter selling off food stuffs to hungry adventurers. Even after the upgrade she has over 10 gold and considers her self rich for a kitchen maid. She will also keep up with the ale demand. If you have any particular requests for crafted flavors, let her know (the Blackberry Ale is particularly wicked).
#10651587 Feb 10, 2015 at 07:37 PM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Material Conservation

So even with the donations, one crafter can use up what is in the chest for a particular item just leveling to the next tier. Here are some tips for conserving materials for the next crafter.

1) Use processing when just leveling up, and try to use a Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration. Unfortunately you typically see these when leveling from T3 to T4, but would be more useful earlier to save on materials.

2) Do not over-refine if you do not need to. So if you are a Forester, donate hides and not leathers. Another Forester may need to level off hides so that they can get a new tier for harvesting woods. If a crafter who doesn't have the extraction skill (like Weaponsmith for Historian) and needs mats, tell us in the Shoutbox that you need an extractor to process materials in the kin-chest for you.

3) Jewelers: Level off gemstones first, but leave enough unpolished stones in the chest for someone to craft select pieces of jewelry. Only use copper/silver ingots in processing when you're close to a new tier. Save the metals for making jewelry.

4) It's alright to make some extra refined materials (glazed leathers for example) if this will help you make a new tier. We need a few of these materials for crafting armors and weapons.
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