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Having finished with the Epic Vol 1 Book II, Fredric the Eldar has advised us to go back to Candaith and seek news from him.
At his request we have made our way to Esteldin through roads seldom travelled across the Weather Hills to Meluinen and then North to the secluded area of Esteldin.

Using Esteldin as a base we can do the surrounding areas whilst continuing our assaults on Fornost when we have a suitable group.

The Epic books now head us back to Minchams camp south of Fornost.
For the brave there is a chance to travel into Evendim
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Evendim ... I like that thought. A peek into the unknown ...
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#10935760 Apr 15, 2015 at 11:41 PM
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Apon arrival to Esteldin we sought out the ranger, Halbarad.
He informed us of the troubles that were brewing in Fornost and asked if we would act as a scouting party to try their numbers. Having been to Fornost during our own travels we knew that our numbers might not well be enough. Halbarad argued that more than three was no longer a scouting party but would not believe that we had already tested the shields of Fornost, only to batter against them.
He believed that more Orcs out of Angmar may well be making camp to the East of Esteldin, ready to reinforce any attack and asked we take in the advice of one of his rangers closeby to the Camp they call Dol Dinen.
That really is no place for a picnic as we soon found out.
Stuck between Nan Wathren, Dol Dinen, Fornost and Angmar I hope that Esteldin long remains hidden.

(Dol Dinen is another place we may frequent when we have enough people to attack. The Epic line takes us to Esteldin as discussed previously, it would be an idea for people to get to chapter 5. From then we are sent to aid the elves, dwarves and men of North Downs who each send us on fellowship quests. The quests can be completed Solo with inspiration buffs... but we will do them as a group. As I said previously, these will prob take three weeks minimum, then we have Fornost and Dol Dinen as group stuff. WE are going to be in North Downs for a while. Please feel free to do any solo stuff you please in between. )
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