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My Dear Turtle Friends!

How about a Kinship House / Tortoise Headquarters?
We have quite a few trophies and riches collected from our campaigns.
Provides RP opportunities, potential meeting point, extra Travel skill, Kinship-wide shared storage.

Pour out your thoughts!

***UPDATE*** 30/Dec/16:
9 Chestnut Street, Haysward, Bree-land Homesteads is now our home

(I will keep this post updated whenever there are changes or concerns)

As the current managing officer of the property I have set the Permissions as follows:
Everyone is permitted to Visit, pay Maintenance, and Use Decorations (meaning interact, not slot/unslot).
Members can also use the Chest for storage.
Officers are permitted all options (this is the default).
Bound items can be slotted by members and recruits by giving them temporary/permanent permission to decorate. This is implemented in order to keep the Decorations in line with the visions we discuss on this thread.


Housing Chest Space VI (the maximum obtainable by using in-game gold only) has been purchased; total slots 90.
Further slots up to 210 can be added in +15 increments by spending 100 Mithril Coins each unlock... I don't see this happening any time soon.

What do we store?
The chest will primarily be used to support crafting, role-playing, outfiting/housing, the upgrade of Legendary Items, the distribution of consumables and to avoid mailing fees.
Try to avoid multiple stacks of the same thing unless it is:
  1. a very popular consumable (especially with low stackability)
  2. a very rare thing that multiple people might need in the (near) future
NOTE: There is only one 'Chest' per property that you can interact with, the numbers on the list below are referring to its tabs.

Main Chest
(enhancing consumables for the current level range)
  • Scrolls of Lore (Battle/Warding, Professions)
  • Hope Tokens
  • Food (Cooked/Fortifying/Trail)
  • Athelas Essences / Celebrant Salves (preferably Rare quality)
  • Class-specific (Oils, Potions, Tonics, Bow Chants, etc.)
Crafting Tx (x) - Chest 1
(where x is the currently supported Tier)
  • Raw materials of Tier x for all professions (Ore, Wood, Hide, etc.)
  • Special Ingredients for Tier x for all professions (Whetstone, Resin, Fibre, Candle, Shards, etc.)
  • Scroll Cases of Tier x for all professions
  • Processed materials are not encouraged
  • Crafted Items are not allowed
  • Vendor Ingredients are not allowed
RP Consumables - Chest 2
(consumables for fun and immersion)
  • Selection of Drinks and Pipe-weeds
  • Various Festival Items
Dyes - Chest 3
  • Both Crafted and Festival ones (for Outfits)
  • Tortoise Uniform (if we ever feel like creating one)
Housing - Chest 4
May hold both interior and exterior Decoration Items for altering the setting for events.

Music - Chest 5
Decoration Items for the 'Ambient Music' slot, see below.

Legendary Items Tx - Chest 6
(Consumables and Crafting Materials for the current level range)
  • Scrolls (Renewal, Empowerment, Delving, Relic Removal)
  • Star-lit Crystals
  • Crystals of Remembrance
  • Legendary Shard/Fragment
  • Symbols of Celebrimbor/the Elder King
  • Legacies of [insert main statistic] are not encouraged
Chests 7, 8, 9 and 10
These tabs will serve as 'drop boxes' for now. If you want someone to have something just place it in one of the tabs and rename it after the addressee - you might also want to send a mail to let them know.
This service is subject to available spaces.

The above rules are implemented in order to get the most out of the limited storage that comes with the Kinship House. They are more of a priority guideline, meaning you can essentially leave anything in the Chest as long as there are empty slots. Once the Chest fills up, however, low priority items might get removed without notice.

I would like to encourage everyone to check the content regularly and to take the stuff you need without hesitation! It is placed there to help you out.


A nice selection is available. We will keep the very race-specific and sad tunes out of the equation for now. I have made a list with some notes regarding my visions/feelings and the length of the audio (infinitely looped by default).
(Most of the themes below are in the chest. You can switch them at your leisure to fit an event or to set the mood.)

  1. Autumn Ale, 2:10 - string instruments (a dance in the golden glade / a ride to save the land)
  2. Tom Bombadil, 2:32 - whistle, lute & violin (pure merriment) / Instrumental (soft farewell)
  3. Lay of the Free People, 1:20 - pipe & violin (a curious lament)
  4. Summerdays Music Box, 3:02 - wind instruments & timpano (triumphant footsteps) / trumpet (marching)
  5. Mithlond, 2:27 - harp (elegant dinner with a view)
  6. Prancing Pony, 2:18 - tambourine & lute (let us get up) / rattle & guitar (a dance in the great hall) / lute (fade into the night)
  7. Hills of the Shire, 1:12 - lute (a walk in the valleys)

NOTE: (?) marks mean empty or undecided hooks. They will be followed by one or more items that are being considered for the slot. I await thy suggestions.


  • Enormous - Thaurlach's Blade
  • Huge 1 - The Skull of Thorog
  • Huge 2 - Large Wheat Field
  • Large 1 - Forge
  • Large 2 - Oven
  • Large 3 - Farmland
  • Small 1 - Stone Well
  • Small 2 - Watchful Raven Statue
  • Small 3 - Fire Orc Banner
  • Small 4 - Gondorian Supplier Horn
  • Small 5 - Property Guard
  • Doormat - Brown Woven

Ground Floor Surface - Small Cut Stone
Ground Floor Colour - Gold
Ground Wall Surface - Wood Plank Stone
Ground Wall Colour - White

Top Floor Surface - Hardwood
Top Floor Colour - Umber
Top Wall Surface - Leaf Plaster
Top Wall Colour - Sky-blue

The Entrance Hall
The indoor heavy-duty area of the Turtle crafters providing little comfort.

  • Ceiling - Pointed Chandelier
  • Large - Workbench
  • Small 1 - Log-holder
  • Small 2 - Cat on a cushion
  • Thin 1 - Red Stool
  • Thin 2 - Reed Vase
  • Thin 3 - Iron Candlestand
  • Large 1 - Furnace
  • Large 2 - Scholar's Small Bentwood Bookshelf
  • Large 3 - Red Dresser
  • Large 4 - Red Dresser
  • Large 5 - Red Dresser
  • Small 1 - Iron Scone
  • Small 2 - Iron Scone
  • Small 1 - Woven Brown
  • Small 2 - Woven Brown
The Great Hall
The core place for the activities of the company's members while stationed at the base. Primarily a gathering hub where we celebrate victories and worship peace. Can also serve as a theatre, a large room for strategic planning and mission debriefing, etc.

  • Ceiling 1 - Large Rohirric Antler Chandelier
  • Ceiling 2 - Big Rohirric Antler Chandelier
  • Ceiling 3 - Purple Moria Crystal
  • Ceiling 4 - Small Rohirric Antler Chandelier
  • Special 1 - Map Table
  • Special 2 - Breakfast Table
  • Special 3 - Breakfast Table
  • Large 1 - Rounded Bed
  • Large 2 - Rounded Bed
  • Large 3 - Pointed Bed
  • Large 4 - Pointed Bed
  • Large 5 - Bench
  • Large 6 - Bench
  • Large 7 - Long Academic's Table
  • Large 8 - Moria Geode
  • Large 9 - Sabretooth Trophy
  • Small 1 - Winter-worm Trophy
  • Small 2 - Barstool
  • Small 3 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 4 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 5 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 6 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 7 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 8 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 9 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 10 - Wooden Armchair
  • Small 11 - Empty Brazier
  • Small 12 - Empty Brazier
  • Thin 1 - Bluebottle Arrangement
  • Thin 2 - Iris Arrangement
  • Thin 3 - Steel Brazier
  • Thin 4 - Steel Brazier
  • Thin 5 - Steel Brazier
  • Thin 6 - Steel Brazier
  • Thin 7 - Reed Vase
  • Large 1 - Dresser
  • Large 2 - Dresser
  • Large 3 - Dresser
  • Large 4 - Dresser
  • Large 5 - Stone Fireplace
  • Large 6 - Stone Fireplace
  • Large 7 - Stone Fireplace
  • Large 8 - Scholar's Bentwood Bookshelf
  • Large 9 - Tale of Elendil
  • Large 10 - Scholar's Cupboard
  • Large 11 - Scholar's Cupboard
  • Large 12 - Academic's Bentwood Bookshelf
  • Large 13 - Academic's Bentwood Bookshelf
  • Large 14 - Relief from Gondamon
  • Large 15 - Map of Eriador
  • Large 16 - Map of Moria
  • Small 1 - 'Harvest Time' Painting
  • Small 2 - 'Playful Children' Painting
  • Small 3 - 'Above Weathertop' Painting
  • Small 4 - 'Shore Glimplse' Painting
  • Small 5 - Iron Scone
  • Small 6 - Iron Scone
  • Large 1 - Large Bear-skin
  • Large 2 - Large Red
  • Large 3 - Large Brown
  • Large 4 - Large Brown
  • Small 1 - Small Brown
  • Small 2 - Small Brown
The Hall of Remembrance and Fame
Displaying our latest and most important achievements and some bittersweet memories. Also featuring a hobbit corner.

  • Ceiling - Leaf-blade Chandelier
  • Large 1 - Tentacle of Helchgam
  • Large 2 - Small Bed
  • Small 1 - The Mirror of Mordirith
  • Small 2 - Barghest Trophy
  • Small 3 - Stoor Boots
  • Small 4 - Model Gondor Ship
  • Thin 1 - Ivar's Banner
  • Thin 2 - Ferndur's Skull
  • Large 1 - Fur and Shields
  • Large 2 - Small Stone Fireplace
  • Large 3 - Small Cupboard
  • Large 4 - Head of Bogbereth
  • Large 5 - (reserved, Moria)
  • Small 1 - Naruhel's Dress
  • Small 2 - Arm of Lagmas
  • Small 3 - Udunion's Swords
  • Small 4 - (Morhún's Gemstone) Portrait of a Shrew, Summerfest Painting
  • Small 1 - Large Purple
  • Small 2 - Large Dragonfly
  • Small 3 - Small 'Ring and Leaf'
The Library
The brain of the Company. Historical research, semiotics, chronicle records and all sorts of documentation.

  • Ceiling - Starry Chandelier
  • Large - Study
  • Small 1 - Red Chair
  • Small 2 - Red Chair
  • Thin - Silver Candlestand
  • Large 1 - Red Scholar's Bookshelf
  • Large 2 - Red Scholar's Bookshelf
  • Large 3 - Scholar's Pointed Bookshelf
  • Large 4 - Scholar's Pointed Bookshelf
  • Small 1 - Heraldry Painting
  • Small 2 - Iron Scone
  • Small 3 - Iron Scone
  • Small 4 - Portrait of Narmeleth
  • Small 5 - Caras Galadhon Coat of Arms
  • Small 1 - Large White 'Leaf Border'
  • Small 2 - Large Red Leaf
  • Small 3 - Small 'High Seas'
lower landing
  • Thin Furniture - Silver Candelabra
  • Small Wall 1 - Path to Moria Painting
  • Small Wall 2 - Gate to Moria Painting
upper landing
  • Thin Furniture - Silver Candelabra
  • Small Wall - Caras Galadhon Tapestry
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#12919253 Dec 14, 2016 at 09:22 AM
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We used to have a Kinhouse. Not sure what happened to it.
A place to keep our trophies would be a good idea though.
#12919436 Dec 14, 2016 at 11:24 AM
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I think we may still have a kinship house. It fell into disuse after a while, but if somebody wants to use it again, that would be a great idea. Bera can see if the house is still available.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#12919448 Dec 14, 2016 at 11:31 AM
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Well we used to have a 'Return to Kinship' skill, now we dont.
At least the last time I looked anyway :p
#12919581 Dec 14, 2016 at 01:23 PM
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It went into eschrow, but maybe we can reopen it :)

Does anybody want to be in charge of the house? I honestly don't have time.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#12934999 Dec 20, 2016 at 11:05 PM
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Bera checked it out. We don't have a kinship house at the moment. Would anybody be interested in taking charge of it, if we get it? (Personally it's not important for me, but if turtles want to have a go at it, that's just great!)
Berawena of Archet
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#12935680 Dec 21, 2016 at 07:36 AM
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I volunteer.

We can discuss tonight the preferences location-wise or reopening if possible. I have the finances set aside from our victorious campaigns ;)

Yours Best
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#12935816 Dec 21, 2016 at 09:26 AM
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Sounds good, Siggar. Money's not the problem, we'll all chip in :)
Berawena of Archet
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#12938576 Dec 22, 2016 at 01:51 PM
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let me know if i can be of any help - also more than willing to contribute funds - be useful to build a cache of cosmetics and consumables for sharing I think? can we have a bath for the dwarves please? ;P

first day of the holiday though and down again for maintenance.....grrrr
#12938655 Dec 22, 2016 at 02:44 PM
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Kinhouse has to be bought by the leader.
Then give people rights to pay the rent, decorating.. etc.

Not sure about upgrading things like vault space and such.

#12940425 Dec 23, 2016 at 10:47 AM
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So here is my vote:
Bree-land Homesteads
(I have 3 properties in Haysward with 2 Kinship and many other Houses still vacant!)

I like ALL the housing neighbourhoods very much. The reason behind this one is that I feel it is strategically the best. Good location for an extra travel skill, in the edge of the highest level area (compared to the other 3) and geographically closer to trouble :)
It also has the most simplistic feel and well, the future of Middle-earth is in the hands of the men of the 3rd age ;)
I think Falathorn is the most beautiful but I can't help the feeling of a deep-rooted sadness whenever I am there, thinking of the departing elves...
As for the dwarf and hobbit dwellings I feel that they are tiny and (possibly) uncomfortable for the not-so-small folk.

I am happy to move to wherever, though, so funds are transferred to Bera and looking forward to housing Turtle-style!

P.S.: Kinship Leader can set up the Permissions (even allowing others to set up Permissions) and iirc storage can be upgraded by any Kinship members (blue flag and up).

Yours Best
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#12940465 Dec 23, 2016 at 11:15 AM
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Bree would be my choice too.
#12940494 Dec 23, 2016 at 11:27 AM
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Bera will be happy to buy a kinship property in Haysward. Will look into it tonight, if possible.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters
#12942243 Dec 24, 2016 at 09:37 AM
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I'm happy with Bree too. I agree with Siggar concerning Men and the 3rd age, it is probably the best place for a mixed-race kin.
#12942426 Dec 24, 2016 at 12:40 PM
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Bree will be grand from Lir's perspective - having taken rafts down the great forest river to Laketown on numerous occasions she is perhaps more comfortable than would otherwise be normal in the clumsily built dwellings of men.
#12944238 Dec 25, 2016 at 06:27 PM
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Great to see all chime in, guys! 😀

Now I would like to ask some input concerning the layout and how you want the place to be organized in general.

Should the property represent a (military) company with simple beds, raw wood furniture placed in an orderly manner and a hall of fame; or a place for memories (like a museum) with trophies both 'magical' and natural all over the place with a collection of Middle-earth's finest furniture pieces; or a location for festive celebrations with plenty of food, fireplaces, stages, fountains and grocery around?

Purpose of the rooms, themes, preferred music, etc.
Do we want separate halls for gathering, trophies or rest? Do we want rooms to represent different regions, countries or races?

I think we should have a general aim when it comes to furnishing. Whether its showing off, simplicity, functionality or just displaying fun stuff for the sake of merriment.

Plenty of info with regards to Housing here:

This guy has 19 Ambient Music on his channel:
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#12946795 Dec 27, 2016 at 09:17 AM
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Happy with a place to showcase our trophies. We might not have an awful lot to display, so maybe we need other trophies too.
#12947099 Dec 27, 2016 at 02:44 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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(just my ideas others equally valid)

i like the idea of a house that represents a retreat of sorts from the blood, rain and grime associated with our travels round Arda. shouldn't be spartan but offer just enough in terms of comfort and respite - so yes mead/wine and food should be available, a fire in the hearth, some books and some pictures/maps on the wall. like the idea of a hall of fame adjoining the main space not so keen on trophy overload everywhere you look. generally understated rather than bling (however the dwarves probably dont get that concept to be fair - i imagine them a small hairy kanye wests ;P) maybe they can have a gold antechaber or basement....;P if they could atleast have the opportunity to bathe that could make a real improvement as long as a screen was present =)

music? cant think how that could happen without modern tech so possibly it jars against lore? magic seems unlikely to provide a mechanism....? a slave quintet? maybe although i'm not sure if slavery was a 'feature' of ME other than in orcish circles perhaps?
#12951521 Dec 29, 2016 at 08:08 PM
Sleeping Turtle
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If I can set up a Forge then Alforath will be most happy to smith one or the other thing around :)
Bree-land home feels best for Turtles, but I must agree with Sigg - elven homes are the best looking and having kin-house on the river is a blast :)
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To the Sea, to the Sea! Gulls white crying, The wind blowing and the foam white flying.
#12952801 Dec 30, 2016 at 12:18 PM
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9 Chestnut street in Haysward is available. Do you want me to buy that?

I really hope we'll use it (we had another house that nobody used and the guy who spent a lot of time furnishing it was so unhappy that I think he left the company). But it seems there's a lot of eagerness for a house this time around?

It's a good place to meet, and then be ported out by Lir, for example.
Berawena of Archet
Bera's Background and Letters