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Hail to the Turtles!

Having a level-appropriate, incomparable (teal) item with the desired statistics on it is usually as good as it gets as far as BiS (best in slot) equipment goes.

With Update 12.1 (16/Dec/2013) "Loot drops have been restructured for all scaling instances and raids." - Sapience

There is an exhaustive list on the Official Forums from 17/Dec/2013 - that is still applicable as of January, 2017 -, thanks to Verizal:
  • All of the items are BoE (Bind on Equip) and not BoA/BtA (Bind on Acquire/Bind to Account).
  • There are no Two-handed drops (due to the Legendary Item system)
  • While there are exceptions, most of the items tend to be on the list twice. Once as an Instance drop (3/6-man) and once as a Raid drop (12/24-man).
  • The class-specific breakdowns below the screenshots list the items with primary roles and Passive Skills in mind - for example Guardians have the Heavy Shields exclusively and the +Vitality/Morale/Avoidances versions of One-handed weapons and Jewellery while Champions have the +Might/Physical Mastery/Critical Rating versions of same. However the loot can be picked up by anyone meaning you can obtain both offensive and defensive versions to compliment different builds and/or playstyles.
The distribution of loot is governed by Remote Looting, introduced with the release of Riders of Rohan Expension on 15/Oct/2012:
  • "You still have to roll on loot from treasure chests in certain instances such as The Grand Stair, so if you complete the daily Challenge there and have several chests to open, don't open them as fast as possible or people won't be able to respond before the timeout on loot rolls. The Remote Looting logic saves you from this, but also limits the types of items you receive. They are appropriate to your class instead of a jumble."
However this needs to be extended upon as it is a bit confusing, providing just one sample and does not cover all 3 types of chests within encounters.
T1 Chests are identical to Landscape looting: Your character receives her share of the 'default loot' (be it vendor trash, some coins, crafting material or completion-specific items - think of tokens for example) and then rolls once or multiple times more for a chance to obtain rare, incomparable or epic quality items. If the item is a piece of equipment than it will come with a matching Main Statistic. (This is important to note for all cases as you are not guaranteed to get a 'tanking', a 'damage dealing' or a 'healing' item - the guarantee only concerns the primary statistic of the item.) The higher the qulaity of the item the smaller the chance.
T2 Chests replace their T1 counterparts but act as an expansion of them, including everything discussed above (with slightly higher chances) plus a few random items that will be distributed in accordance with the Loot Rule set by the Leader.
Challenge Chests are separate chests labeled 'Fancy Gold Chest', specific to the encounter or the Instance Cluster the encounter is part of. They have the highest chance to provide valuable items as well as being the exclusive chest to some of the items in the game. All of the items from such chests will be distributed in accordance with the Loot Rule set by the Leader.

Of Special Note: While the above mentioned items are very appealing statistics-wise to players, they might not suit some when it comes to looks or role-playing. Instead of introducing a gazillion versions of the same weapon to suit all classes/races/specializations - and after years of player feedback -, the Devs have come up with the Cosmetic Weapons system (20/July/2015):
Further extended in Update 17 (27/October/2015):
This allows most to have the desired look for their characters without compromising when it comes to equipment choices.

Happy Hunting! ;)
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#12972043 Jan 07, 2017 at 10:16 PM
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Cheers Siggar,
I had posted this elsewhere, but it does deserve a sticky.

I was under the impression you only got loot for your own class though, or are you assuming Leader assigning loot?
#12972396 Jan 08, 2017 at 01:21 AM
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Thanks for the feedback, J!

I have updated the post. ;)
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
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