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In the Chamber of Crossroads, a small group of dwarves have gathered to discuss how to proceed with their expedition.

Krithab raised his hands in anger.'Maps!! Maps!! What am I now?'

'You are someone that I trust to seek out Mithril within these halls.' replied Brogur.
'I need someone like you, someone used to mining rock, someone who understands these Cirith, someone who has seen danger'

Brogurs plea did little to calm the irate dwarf. His ranting continued as he paced around the makeshift room they had set up as a forward command.
'A Thousand dwarven fighters you need, to rid these once great halls of the evil that has taken to call this place home.I am no such fighter.'

'Then leave the fighting to the fighters, Kiri. Trust in me, that which you cannot see yourself. You successfully led a small group towards the 21st Hall.
It is because of that we sit here now, able to plan our attack on these goblins, else we would still be sat at the gates of Durins Threshold with naught'
Brogur placed both hands on Kirithabs shoulders and looked him in the eye.
'Take those as you need, continue into Khazud Dum, map out the paths and halls, so that we may be prepared and dont rush headlong into some unknown danger'
'Will you do that?'

Kirithab sighed. 'It is my path, I shall obey'
He gathered up his backpack and headed out into the chamber. Walking forward, he drew a torch from the nearby fire and set off along the path.

(Kiri will be continuing his exploration of Khazad Dum, crossing off the waypoints needed for the 'Explorer of Khazad Dum' title' If anyone wishes to join him, I would enjoy the company. This wont be strictly RP or questing or anything of that kind, merely running around picking up waypoints but will take in the scenery along the way, especially if the company has not been before. If I am not alone then we can tackle some of the deeper areas of Moria, else I will continue along Dolven View)

Complete Bulwarks of the Enemy
Complete Eastern Durin's Way
Complete In the Footsteps of the Fellowship
Complete Nud-melek
Complete The Cliffs of Zirakzigil
Complete The Flaming Deeps
Complete The Foundations of Stone
Complete The Great Delving
Complete The Silvertine Lodes
Complete The Redhorn Lodes
Complete The Waterworks
Complete Western Durin's Way
Complete Zelem-melek

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"You will now be known as Kirithab, Explorer of Khazad-dum to those you meet on your travels"
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