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Thalaranc he is called or in the sindarin tongue 'The Steady Arm'. However this was not always the name that he was known by nor his birth name, but rather an inherent gift that was noticed at his early years in life. His true name he keeps to himself and he prefers to be called Thalaranc.


He was born in S.A. 3319 in the land of Lindon, governed at the time by the last High King of the Noldor, Gil-Galad and Círdan the Shipwright. His father Tondwë, served in the army of King Thingol and was one of the Sindar Elves. His mother Bainlind, was one of the Laiquendi or Green-Elves. They met each other after the slaughter of Thingol and the Battle of the Thousand Caves and shortly fell in love with each other. After many years passed, he was born. The second son of Tondwë and Bainlind, following his brother Bellthelion.

He spent most of his time as a child by the sea, visiting the harbours of Forlond, Harlond and Mithlond or wandering the forests of Harlindon and Forlindon for he was born with a love for nature that was passed to him from his mother's side. However he had an admiration for his father and older brother and aspired to become a skilled warrior like them. Therefore when he came of age he joined the army of King Gil-Galad and one night while he was training his skill with the bow he was seen by Gil-Galad and Elendil the Tall as they took a walk in the moonlight discussing matters of importance. Gil-Galad noticed the young elf's arm movement and stance as he let his arrows fly and named him Thalaranc.

The years passed and he grew up to be an archer of great skill, confident in his ability to shoot an arrow and lay traps while retaining his calm in the heat of a battle. His skills granted him a spot in the army of the King and he marched along his father with the host of Gil-Galad and Elendil towards Imladris, where he met up with his brother and the host of Elrond, when the Last Alliance of Elves and Men was formed in SA 3430. When the Battle of Dagorlad took place, he witnessed his father's slaughter before his eyes and rage took over his reason. He would have met his end right there and then, for he charged towards the enemy without thought or caution, had Bellthelion not intervened.

More years had passed after the defeat of Sauron by the Last Alliance and Thalaranc remained for a time in the refuge of Imladris. His heart was still in pain and he grieved for his father's loss and anger was building inside him for the servants of the Enemy. It was by Lord Elrond's guidance and his brother's company and advice that he managed to overcome this period of pain and rage. When his heart was healed and his mind was delivered from the suffering, he decided to stay for a while longer in Rivendell and join his brother who was part of Elrond's forces responsible for the protection of Imladris. It was then that he was gifted by his brother his beloved dagger Mallensigil. When he would take some time off, he would spent his days travelling all over Middle Earth and acquiring knowledge of the people and lore of Eriador and Rhovanion. Fairer and more beautiful of all he thought to be Lórien and he would spent most of his time off there.

After this time, he returned briefly in Lindon to visit his mother and to ease his mind of the constant fighting and troubles of Middle-Earth. But as time passed, Orcs started to grow bolder in their actions and rumours began to spread in the east of the Enemy's return and he decided to return to Rivendell. He saw that Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel had started to worry about these rumours and heard reports from all the free lands of unusual enemy activity, whether it was Orcs and Goblins or Men, old servants of Sauron. It came to his perception then that the Free Folk could not deal with these enemies on their own and the Elves should provide assistance to them. So he volunteered to journey through the lands of Middle Earth once more, this time with a mission: to assist all the Free Folk and fight the enemy with the purpose of reducing his strength. And he has been on this grand quest that Lord Elrond bestowed upon him, although he practically asked for it himself, ever since...


A rather medium-height Elf, even though his father and brother are quite tall. His eyes are light green, bold and wide. He ties his brown hair back using golden pins which he purchased from Caras Galadhon. A pale skin, more pale than his brother's and father's and less pale than his mother's, one would say he's rather 'coloured' for an Elf. He would change his outfit quite often, especially his battle ouftit. Whatever he wears though, he always keeps on him his beloved Mallensigil, save only for Elven refuges and cities if he feels it absolutely safe to store it with his other weapons and his gear.

Personality and skill traits

Thalaranc has a deep love for nature, especially for the sea and the forests and would often be seen meditating or relaxing by the shores of a lake or river and other times he would sit by a campfire deep in the woods. Although his mother is one of the Laiquendi, he would occasionally hunt beasts or animals but only if the need for food or clothing is dire for someone or they have brought misfortune upon the residents of nearby inhabited areas. He would also not hesitate to slay foul creatures and beasts in the service of his enemies, but other than that he dislikes the hunting and killing of non-hostile living units.
Another thing that is worth mentioning about Thalaranc is that he developed a strong sense of duty and helpfulness towards his kinsmen, but also for the other races and people of Middle Earth. He would be quick to provide assistance and cooperate up to a certain degree, but he would not be quick to completely trust anyone he meets save those he first met in Imladris or Lórien or his home land Lindon.

His skill with the bow has been growing ever since he started using one, save only for the time of his grief for his father's death when he gave up for years. After overcoming this though he returned and has been once again honing his skills. He stands his ground when firing an arrow, making him an easy target if the enemy manages to get close to him, but he does not pick his fights carelessly and chooses to deal with very few enemies at a time. Most are dead before they manage to get their hands on him... He is rarely also seen setting traps for his prey and fighting to support his allies.

As for his relations with other races of Middle-Earth, he's surprisingly fond of Dwarves, even though many Elves do not get along with them. It is Men that he dislikes most for he has seen how easily can their hearts be corrupted and how quick their courage fails when dealing with the Enemy and there are but few among them that he would trust upon meeting. Among these are the Dúnedain and the Rohirrim.
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enjoyed your detailed introduction Thalaranc, looking forward to Lir journeying with a 'cousin' from the west and learning more of your (and your people's) story.
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I am glad that you enjoyed it Lir. It took me quite some time and effort to put it together, although it was time most cherished and well spent. Soon (hopefully) I will catch up to you and Thal will then join the turtles in their adventure! N'i lû tôl, mellon. ((To the time of our meeting, friend))
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