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Dear Fellow Turtles,

I still remember getting my first Legendary Sword on my champion and the confusion that ensued. Luckily, there are a number of sources for all of us players to guide us through the darkness. While it will probably take you a couple (dozen :D) of LIs to really get the hang of it, I found this an excellent place to start:

While the page might look overwhelming at first glance, reading through it a couple of times will benefit you a great deal, I promise. It does a good job both explaining the system for a freshman and providing useful links to all LI related pages like Legacies, Crafting and so on.

The purpose of this write up is to provide useful tips outside of (or in conjunction with) the pages on wiki and maybe to emphasize some things. So if you haven't gone through it yet, I would encourage you to do so before continuing this read.

At the time of writing this there are a small number of inaccuracies and missing information on the page but this might change in the future, in no particular order:
  • LIs can and will gain Item Experience even if your character does not
  • Past-reforge excessive Item XP from Heritage Runes will only be applied to LIs if there are more levels to gain after the reforge, meaning if you use a HR that adds more Item XP than needed for the final reforge's total XP requirement the outstanding balance will be lost
  • Two-handed LIs will get 3 random stat bonuses to somewhat compensate for the loss of the off-hand item (much like regular 2-handers have higher bonuses compared to their 1H counterpart), LMs are in for a special treat here :)



  • INSPECT! Can't stress this enough, inspect as much as you can! Inspect ppl you had a good run with, ppl you had a bad run with, small guys, big guys, loud trolls, quiet russians, classes you like, classes you don't understand... Inspect 'em all! Reflect upon the choices they made and question them! Do wonder about why they picked a legacy/relic and ask yourself what you would have done!
  • Check your LIs tab regularly! If I had a gold coin for every time I forgot to Reforge an item to enable future XP gains...
  • Always double-check before hitting the confirmation button at Relic-/Forge-masters! Some mistakes can be very costly.

  • Make sure you go the extra level (30+1) on your LI before decon if you are leveling it to extract a Legacy, will yield better/more Relics!
  • Do not apply Delving scrollls to LIs that you only level to farm resources, decon them on level 56 instead!
  • Tier 1 Relics are cheap and easy to get, use these to experiment with stat bonuses and swap LIs!
  • Use in-game gold (the default option) instead of Shards for every Relic-/Forge-master related businesses, wherever possible! The latter is a bit more difficult to get and you will need thousands upon thousands once you start Melding T6+ Relics.
  • Try and craft Relics as often as possible even if you don't plan on using them! There is at least one for each Crafting Tier (Supreme and up) that is cheap to make with 18h cd (from your Crafting Guild), you can decon these for Shards, too.

Classes have a wide variety of legacies to choose from. Some classes have many desirable ones and will regularly be facing tough decisions, others not so much.
It is up to you to decide which ones compliment your playstyle (and the group/environment you play in) the most. A well-picked and thought through set of legacies can and will make a big difference in your performance.

  • You should only spend points on the Default Legacy of your LI if it contributes to your primary role OR you have leftover points upon maxing all the other legacies. The reason for this is that the benefit it provides is rather small compared to non-default legacy bonuses and to the amount of points it requires you to invest in them. There is currently no way to reduce the cost on it (as it has no Tiers) and usually a same age LI that has about 5 levels higher equip level (i.e. Level 55 Minstrel's Songbook of the Second Age vs. Level 60 Minstrel's Songbook of the Second Age) will have similar contributions with zero points spent than the previous had with maxed...
  • Legacies that provide a % bonus are usually more beneficial than the +rating ones (similarly to Class Traits). Once you reach the cap in whichever rating the +% will still apply but +rating won't usually do anything. Sometimes (especially at lower levels where it is generally difficult to reach caps on stats) you can benefit from both, for example the Lore-master's Fire Skills Critical Rating and Burning Embers Critical Chance legacies will recalculate the critical chance of Burning Embers by adding the +rating from the former to your Critical Chance Rating whenever you use a fire skill and then increase the resulting rating's contribution percentage by the latter legacy's +% value.
  • A fully maxed (rank 9), non-imbued Legacy that effects a skill's cooldown/duration or applies a percentage-based bonus will always give the same bonus regardless of age or equip level. This is the reason why some of you might find that there is little merit in building a new, for example, class LI every few leves compared to putting the effort in early (levels 50-60) and make a proper one that can easily last dozens of levels.
  • If you find yourself dual roling a lot in groups (i.e. Wardens can fill tank and dps, Burglars dps and support, etc.) then you might want to consider multiple sets of OR hybrid LIs.

I hope that the above was helpful.

Should you have any questions, require further clarification or seek advice for your builds, please, do not hesitate to contact me here or in-game!

Yours Best ;)
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MUST-HAVE LEGACIES (Pre-imbuement)

The following is a list of what I strongly recommend for the Legendary Items of each class regardless of role or specialization.


Main Hand Major
  • Bee Swarm Damage
Main Hand Minor
  • Bee Swarm Debuff Duration
  • Chance for Attacks To Return Wrath
Carving Major
  • Chance For Bonus Wrath From Slam
Carving Minor
  • Grisly Cry Fear Duration


Main Hand Major
  • Critical Response Skill Damage
  • Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier
Main Hand Minor
  • Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier
  • Subtle Stab Critical Damage
Tools Major
  • Positional Damage
  • Skills Critical Multiplier
Tools Minor
  • Addle Induction Multiplier


Main Hand Major
  • Captain Area-effect Healing
  • Pressing Attack Max Targets
Emblem Major
  • Healing Critical Magnitude
  • Vocal Skills Healing


Main Hand Major
  • Critical Damage Multiplier
Main Hand Minor
  • Battle Frenzy Cooldown
  • Fear Nothing Cooldown
Rune Major
  • Champion's Horn Stun Duration
  • Swift Strike/Swift Blade Power Cost


Main Hand Major
  • Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets
  • Vexing Blow Damage
Main Hand Minor
  • Stamp Cooldown


Main Hand Major
  • Precision Stance Critical Magnitude
  • AoE Skills Maximum Targets
Main Hand Minor
  • Merciful Shot Critical Multiplier
Ranged Major
  • Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
  • Induction Bow Critical Multiplier
  • Ranged Skill Evade Chance
Ranged Minor
  • Hunter Damage Over Time
  • Quick Shot Damage


Main Hand Major
  • Tactical Skills Direct Damage
  • Fire Skills Critical Damage
  • Burning Embers Initial Damage
Main Hand Minor
  • Sticky Gourd Base Direct Damage
  • Cracked Earth Damage
Book Major
  • Burning Embers Critical Chance
  • Wizard's Fire Critical Chance
Book Minor
  • Armour Debuff Potency
  • Bane Flare Targets


Main Hand Major
  • Anthem Duration
Book Major
  • Healing and Motivation Skills Morale Healing
Book Minor
  • Cry of the Chorus Cooldown


Satchel Minor
  • Do Not Fall This Day Cooldown
  • Chilling Rhetoric Cooldown


Main Hand Major
  • Light Damage
Main Hand Minor
  • Surety of Death Damage Over Time
Javelin Major
  • Shield Gambit Line Healing
Javelin Minor
  • Defiant Challenge Damage Return


  • Class Skill Dismount Chance
  • 'Disengaging Strikes' Dismount Chance
  • Rider Evade Chance
  • Maximum War-steed Endurance

Yours Best ;)
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#13341712 Jul 10, 2017 at 12:36 AM
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#13341495 Siggar wrote:


The following is a list of what I strongly recommend for the Legendary Items of each class regardless of role or specialization.


Yours Best ;)

wow fantastic effort Sig

interested why no

Focus Bow Power Cost

in major ranged for Hunter.....?
#13348979 Jul 14, 2017 at 08:39 AM
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Power management depends on a number of things and the aim of the write-up is to provide a list of legacies that compliments all setups.

Regarding the case at hand, red and yellow hunters have no power issues while blue spends around 17% of its power pool for one Barrage3, 6 shots max - a 10% cost reduction would mean 15.3% which still is 6 max... 😆
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
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