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#13358363 Jul 20, 2017 at 11:53 AM · Edited 2 years ago
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You should read this page every once in a while, even as a casual, if you consider participating in raid content. It is super useful!

If you are one of the daring ones, regularly attempting T2/T2C content (even if it isn't a Raid) then you should memorize as much as you can from the above article...

Yours Best ;)
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#13359033 Jul 20, 2017 at 08:31 PM
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Thanks Sig - a good guide

couple of qs or comments

1) i never carry scrolls, rarely deploy hope - do we all need to or should that be assigned to someone by leader - obv would be happy to help boost cache in kinhouse to ensure assigned person can quickly pick up supplies pre raid. to that end we should maybe have a consumables stock list thread - i'd be happy to contribute any woodworker and scholar crafted items....
2) since U19 hunter purge poison cures disease, fear and wounds - do i need to carry salves or draughts for myself anymore? i assume not my job to apply salves to others but that might be wrong....?
3) when corruptions occur surely we don't all try and remove them at the same time - is their a hierarchy of corruption removal duty? similar for interrupts mine is a melle skill and advice is to be as far away as possible from target at all times (yet still in range)
4) curiously there is no mention of when Jullian should fall off cliff/into acid lake ;P

#13359826 Jul 21, 2017 at 08:40 AM
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Its just courteous to have some scrolls/hope in case nominated leader doesnt have any. The Balrog is maybe the only boss I can think of that does Hope wipes... so its maybe not so necessary... plus groups dont die as much as what we did back in the day. :p

Applying things like salves and that are mainly an issue for keeping healer or tank clear. Dura has an 8 second CD on his skill so tries to keep on top of Sigs cures but often they stack up like in Skumfil other week, he often had 3 on him.

Corruptions/Interrupts etc are best left to the Chimps and Guards as they are in melee anyway.

Jullian is now Warden and doesnt have same champion mentaility as before. :p

#13360873 Jul 21, 2017 at 11:15 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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The reason I picked the above 'guide' is because it's not only (probably) the most relevant guide out there at the moment but it is well structured and is not partial. By that I mean regardless of what class/specialization you are playing in a given situation those guidelines will boost your level of preparedness a great deal.

Instead of going into detailed builds for different group compositions and/or jobs, Dadi provides a 'one-size-fits-all' checklist.
It is highly unlikely that you will use up all of the listed consumables, for example, during a single Raid event. Since people reading the guide know this, inevitably it will lead some of them thinking that 'someone else will have that covered'... (Because it is not usually my job or we usually have a champion anyway, or I have a skill that covers this 2 times over with its short cooldown, etc.) And that is exactly the reason for setting the bar high - so that you have spare stuff for when people forget to grab things, they are not participating in the event (or suddenly drop/afk), get defeated, misadventure, forget to use a skill, don't notice a buff/debuff, etc.

Having said that we all have (varying levels of) experience when it comes to completing group content. So nothing is set in stone, you can experiment with those numbers or even cross items off the list if you think having it in your inventory at all times does not make a difference other than taking up an extra slot.

A good leader is a good teacher. Instead of always depending on what (s)he thinks/instructs/decides and pointing fingers at him for everything it is much better to have a team that understands.
Assigning, adjusting, time-management, cooldowns, buffbars, rez-order, CJ-order, interrupt-order, constant positioning revision, vital bars, puddles, eyes-above-the-head, line of sight, etc.... can make short work of your neurons. So y'all are expected to learn ๐Ÿ˜. The less decisions I am forced to make during a difficult fight the more I can focus on actually playing my class and do the job I assigned to myself (or, well, to relax for a few secs ๐Ÿ˜†).
So do wonder and do ask!

Moving on to answer/comment on some of the things from both of your posts, in no particular order:
  • Defeat wipes all consumable effects off of you (Tomes will continue to apply their effects - e.g. Run Speed, Mark Acquisition, Defence, etc.). In some cases it means 10+ buffs disappearing from under your portrait even if you are rezzed in a split second. Some consumables can be reapplied in-combat (like hope+scrolls+class cons.) but some can't (all foods).
  • Battle Lore scrolls and Hope tokens have cooldowns. A quick wipe means the same person cannot use them. Also, do not expect other people to re-apply Hope every time someone in the fellowship faints and gets a rez! You get unlucky with a frontal AoE Devastate, you draw aggro by accident, you wander off the edge... Get up and click that token for yourself!
  • Even if all members in a group have the relevant cons. it is nice to offer to do one turn for the team every so often.
  • Do check active buffs before using a consumable. It is annoying to have 2-3 people burning the same cooldown on +5 hope in an already limited size group... If the buff is not present, call out that you are about to apply it (same goes to ic-rez as it goes onto cd even if the target doesn't click 'Yes' and/or receives multiple)!
  • Regarding consumables stock, I have a 15-slot inventory bag set up for this on all my characters (Athelas 1, Celebrant 2, Rejuvenation 3, Class item 4, Class Item 5, Hope 6, Battle Scroll 7, Warding Scroll 8, Cooked Food 9, Fortifying Food 10, Trail Food 11, Conhuith (fear) Salve 12, Healing (wound) Salve 13, Lhinestad (disease) Salve 14, Milkthistle (posion) Salve 15) plus a couple of slots on a secondary bag for tomes (+5% damage, +morale/power, +run speed tome or coffee for higher levels, -10% ic damage, mark acquisition, slayer+deed, etc. - depending on my preferred activities at the time). I replenish these as I go.
  • So I am gonna be selfish here and state I do not see much benefit from such a thread, Lir, however you are welcome to start one and I am happy (as always) to contribute and supply whatever I can ๐Ÿ˜›.
  • As for removal skills vs. draughts/salves. Here, again, every class is limited by their skillset. Half the mellee classes have self-only removals. Most ranged/tactical classes have mediocore cd and/or induction on theirs. The bright side of consumables is that they can fill the gap for when your skills are not available and they have no animation (they do, however, have a little skill delay). The Yellow Hunter's and RK's removal skills are ridiculously OP - depending on the set up, you might actually be required to spam those from time to time even if it is 'not usually your job' (remember Udรบnion?).
  • (Note: I consider salves much better 'cause they can be used on an ally, however if you have issues with targeting and/or still not quite used to target forwarding then stick to the draughts so as to help yourself at the very least!)
  • Yes, some classes are better at certain jobs than others. However we do not always have the best class present for the job (*nervously looks for the Hide in Plain Sight icon on the captank's quickslot bars*). Furthermore, just because a class is theoratically the 'best' at something (like hunter's debuff removal in yellow spec or minstrel's corruption removal, also in yellow spec) it doesn't mean we can afford to assign that role to that member or that he is good at noticing those little icons (no offence, Lir & Hunf, the above classes are just examples ๐Ÿ˜…). So we have to make do with what/who we have.
  • I wouldn't bother with corruption-removal-order. Raids are packed with corruptions, especially main bosses, most classes would want to fire their removals as much as possible/their rotation allows it. Some 6-mans also have quite a bit of corruptions and so we just need to make sure that our class set up allows us to deal with them effectively.
  • Last but not least, in order to complete challenge mode, Jullian should be spammed 'fall off cliff and right into the acid lake' every time he is off cooldown! ๐Ÿ‘น

Yours Best ;)
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
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