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#13810921 Jul 09, 2018 at 10:33 PM
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Im guessing it is going to be quite for the next 4 - 6 weeks... Im just wondering if those that are about have enough to keep going with?

Do we try squeeze any 75 stuff in before end of month or wait till August... is there merit in raising to 80....

Just wondering ppls thoughts, I am fine whatever.. sure I have things I can work on.. and I am not around regular enough just now..
#13814611 Jul 15, 2018 at 09:07 AM
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I believe 75 is the sweetest level in the game for quite a long time now for a plethora of reasons:
  • partially due to scaling, all World Instances / Raids are now unlocked with the exception of TotDT (105) and AoM (115)
  • as most Virtues are available to have at Ranks 18-20, their contributions are the most significant at this level (reducing the 'need' for Essence equipment for T2)
  • it is the first time all classes have armour sets for all their specializations
  • it is also a very popular cap with many players capped here and its content is being regularly run

It should come as no surprise that some Turtles have decided (or seriously contemplating) leaving alts at 75: Dolgubund (Guardian), Hunfri (Minstrel) and Jimhaden (Champion) come to mind.

Due to the amount of content and taking both the summer absences and class revamps (re-learning) into account, I did not post a level raise for the 3rd quarter. I think that September will probably be the best time to mop up some of the challenges that we haven't gotten around to complete yet (RoF, Draigoch and maybe another ToO for laughs/pictures with full group).

Last but not least I firmly believe this is the last 'station' on any level-restricted group's journey where recruitment is still 'big'. My experience tells me that once you get past this mark, you are hardly considered a low-level group anymore. Apart from the story, 85/95 hardly offers anything most of us haven't done before (due to scaling). The latter cap at which Valar upgrade is an option to those that want to join us at a later stage.
This might, of course, change as the game progresses over the coming years and more levels are added.

tl;dr I would suggest raising to 80 no earlier than the last quarter (1st of October) but am happy to push it out to the start of next year (1st of Jan) depending on your preferences and business.

Happy Gaming ;)
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
#13814685 Jul 15, 2018 at 11:49 AM
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Agree with both posts above. My additional two cents are that a raise above 75 would be more meaningful if it were to follow completion of a challenge (Draigoch/RoF T2/other) than being arbitrarily assigned a date.

Plenty to do (including alts) for the time being!
#13814689 Jul 15, 2018 at 11:58 AM
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Yup plenty to do and agree... apart from story not much else to look forward to until cap. Well unless you include filling armour with essences content.

Still the story is good, and hopefully there will still be interest in experiencing that together.

Perhaps in the not to distant future we will see a few groups....

Terrapins - Bera's level
Static - 75 4ever
Story - 75-Cap storyline

I havent experienced many (any) of the raids above 75... so would like to experience them with this group if at all possible.. wether thats in an appropriate level group.. or 115/120 group for shits and giggles.

#13814768 Jul 15, 2018 at 04:08 PM
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also happy to stay at 75 for a while, Lir may be another that stays there forever, if we do boost to 80 come autumn my champ Faerliriel may be better placed to join the turtles on the plains of Rohan. The storyline would be good to go through with y'all but i'd fear it wont be enough to maintain interest on a week by week basis not unless we really step up the RP...we will see no need to decide now.

I like the idea of having 2/3 groups active at the same time Jim, with Nod though Mordor (at some point) i quite like the idea of us forming a cap group possibly in alliance with other players - the Galapagos tortoises?

I saw someone recruiting a slowtro group at level 6 last night which almost tempted me =) but it'd be nice to see the terrapins become semi-regular with the aim of getting to Carn Dum eventually?

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