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Mynko is hobbit from Hobbiton. He is relatively young, in his mid 30s, and his parents are Strocro and Semia Bunhand. In his early years Mynko lived an ordinary hobbit childhoood with many siblings. He's the youngest one of the family.

Mynko has always liked to play tricks on other people, especially his older brother Yinko. Early on Yinko often got best of Mynko though, and Mynko was regularly bruised. Learning to avoid getting hit has developed Mynko to be an expert at dodging and hiding.

He often finds things in his pockets that are not his. This habit of to acquiring other people's things has led him to situations where good verbal skills are needed, and he can often talk his way out of trouble - or guide attention elsewhere to have the time to sneak away from the situation. As people in Hobbiton started to know about Mynko's reputation and be wary of him, he decided it's time to start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Mynko likes a good meal and a drink like hobbits tend to do. Doesn't like fish (unless it's mom's roasted perch) though, but loves pretty much anything else - especially steaks with potatoes.

He's a merry hobbit with little worries about future, Mynko can be like a bright spark that lights everyones day. His carefree nature also comes with overconfidence, as Mynko may often bite off more than he can chew. He's stubborn, and can be quite set in his ways.
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