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[Pinned] Homestead Crafting Discounts

This is a reminder that buying from the Supplier in the housing areas can net you a discount. For somebody like a cook with expensive ingredients, this savings can be HUGE!1) If you own a Standard or Deluxe home in the neighborhood, the discount ...
Small Talarka 4y
Talarka0260Small Talarka 4y

Looking for ...

Bera is looking for a good axe with + agility stats or something like that. Any good weaponsmiths out there?
Small Berawena 4y
Berawena91114Small Hunfri 2y

Weaponsmith - Burglar Class Items

If anyone has a T5 Weaponsmith I'd quite like a few stacks of the Burglar consumable class items.For level 50 that's:Ancient Steel Throwing HatchetPrecise Ancient Steel Serrated KnifeAncient Iron MarblesAncient Iron CaltropsI have lots of Ancient ...
Small Kasey 2y
Kasey5592Small Jullian 2y


Grorax could use some shield-spikes for his Bash and shield-smash skills. Critical hits can make a big difference.Journeyman spikes can be bought from the trainer, but anything higher needs a crafter, a Weaponsmith.Will pay good dwarven silver for...
Small Berawena 3y
Berawena6715Small Berawena 3y


For food enthusiasts, it turns out to be useful to have a Beorning around. All of them can make "Beorn's Honey-cakes" from no obvious materials... guess we all have pouches of flour and honey secreted about our persons somewhere. It's an in-comb...
Small Cortobras 4y
Cortobras2270Small Talarka 4y


Hi guys.Start from now, Elrhandir is working to follow the Explorer vocation.For any future need about tailoring, foresting and prospecting, don't hesitate to send me an item request.I'll try to do my best to craft them for you.
Small Elrhandir Adanorn 5y
Elrhandir Adanorn3313Small Cortobras 5y


I dont know if we have an other armourer in the guild, but my guardian can make both plate and leather stuff if people need. Just shout if you need anything.
Small Jullian 5y
Jullian1166Small Jullian 5y


Berawena is a "woodsman", meaning she know the crafts Woodworker, Forester, Farmer. This is in keeping with her background as a country/forest girl from Archet, who knows how to cut wood and make a good spear or bow. She used to work at the lumber...
Small Berawena 5y
Berawena3430Small Pada 5y

Scholar ?

We will need a scholar laterLogic says it should be Pada but I feel it would be completely wrong for his character. He works on a feel for things, not reading and researching them. He would not enjoy research and spend most of his time outside wit...
Small Pada 5y
Pada131106Small Wil "the Fisherboy" Longbrush 5y


Pada is a tinkerHe is a good cook and uses fishing to add extra meals or snacksHe is also a jeweller; he may join their guild depending on other trades in the club.If anyone would like a ring or trinket just contact Pada here or post in the game....
Small Pada 5y
Pada1166Small Pada 5y


As we were starting to accumulate Explorers, I decided to switch Talarka into Armsman. There is a back story coming soon as to why he needed to make a career move anyway, which can now be read here.He'll be Woodworking mostly furniture and Weapons...
Small Talarka 5y
Talarka2327Small Elrhandir Adanorn 5y
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