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[Pinned] Kin-chest Crafting Mats T1/T2

Good Day Tortoises,Just wanted to give more details about the kin-chest materials storage and swap that I mentioned in the mail that came with the Kinhouse Grand Opening notice.As you all know, getting a new character's crafting skill from Apprent...
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Taking Orders

Just wanted to let folks know that I would be glad to take orders for any farming crops needed, pipeweed or even cooked items. Hullis' farming is at Artisan and his cooking is at Expert. Pipeweed-wise I'm still building his cross-bred seed stock...
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And who needs light hides?

I got plenty ...
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If any metalsmith could make tools of the woodsman, Berawena (and her pouch) would much appreciate it :)
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Your wood boards for my hides, or...?

With the switch to Armsman from Explorer, I'll be needing wood boards and will be collecting untanned hides. We can do a straight barter, use coin of the realm, or your choice of exchange good?My clan trades mostly in cedar, not rowan, ash, or yew...
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