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Character Backgrounds

Faerduinriel of mirkwood

my alt plan - I've created a new character by the name of Faerduinriel in the last few days - also a female Elven hunter from Mirkwood - having tried out guard and champ i've realised my mind is that of a hunter I'm more attuned to rping them some...
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Character Backgrounds

Siggar of Dale

The following is how I would picture/paint my beloved character following the events that took place in Western Malenhad (Angmar) that led me to join the Company:Before you stands a veteran of a thousand battles.His phsique is that of a lion cross...
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Character Backgrounds

Thalaranc of Lindon

Thalaranc he is called or in the sindarin tongue 'The Steady Arm'. However this was not always the name that he was known by nor his birth name, but rather an inherent gift that was noticed at his early years in life. His true name he keeps to h...
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Character Backgrounds

Jullian Baldragon of Bree

Introducing Jullian Baldragon.Jullian and his family have always lived in Bree, as far back as they can remember, not far from Mud Gate. He likes to look clean and tidy but the smell of Beggars Alley is something he constantly is aware of on his c...
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Character Backgrounds

Kasey of the Stoors

Growing up on a small Hobbit-farm near Budgeford, Kasey's early years were largely unremarkable. Known to many in the Shire for being, "A bright lad! Bit too much on the unruly side, if you ask me," he would occasionally come to mischief when caug...
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Character Backgrounds


Harly grew up in the lands of Gondor. He had very strict parents, foremost his father who always instructed him to practice more with shield and spear. This because of multiple reasons, one of them being that the shadows are growing darker every d...
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Character Backgrounds

Fuli of the Iron Hills

Fuli is a grown dwarf taking in the stout features running in the iron blood of his people. He stands at a height of roughly four feet and eleven inches, with thoroughly muscled build honed from countless battles and forgework. Fuli's shoulders si...
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Character Backgrounds

Lirduiniel of Mirkwood

Physical descriptiona slight dark elf, sure of her movement, quick as a deer. Lirduiniel is very young at 156 years old, she seems a little distant as if pre-occupied with her own thoughts. Her dark hair is worn simply and is unkempt, her complexi...
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Character Backgrounds

Kreagus of Bree-land

Name: KreagusHair: Dark brown, short unkempt, full beard. Height: 6'1"Eyes: Dark greenAge: 25Kreagus was born to Jacob and Maude on a dirty rag in a broken down house of the Beggar's Alley in Bree. Maude died in childbirth, and Jacob later died of...
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Character Backgrounds


Everybody, in truth, has a Dark Side. Most of us like to think that our Good Side is visible, and the Dark Side we keep hidden, except for those rare times they need to be switched. For Silathan, his Dark Side is most often visible, though his Go...
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Character Backgrounds


Kirithab is a simple miner. He was part of the company that has returned to Thorins Hall in the wake of Gormr Doursmith defeat at Dwalins hand. He had been tasked with working in the Silver Deep mines and is a foreman of a group of miners. Recent...
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Character Backgrounds


Yngvhar was part of the company that returned to Thorins Hall with Dwalin with the intention to overthrow Gormr Doursmith the dourhand steward of Thorins Hall. He is now tasked with seeking out any remaining Dourhands in Ered Luin. OOC He is a Dwa...
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Character Backgrounds

Hullis the Farmer

Hullis grew up and spent a good number of his years in the lands around Combe. His family farm existed near Combe and the Bree-Lands have been all he's ever known. Hullis' brother passed away early due to illness and the heartbreak had proven si...
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Character Backgrounds

Grannola Holgrane

Grannola is the former kitchen maid for the Comb and Wattle Inn. As was traditional for a human woman of her station, she was not allowed to marry and had the menial kitchen chores of peeling taters, washing dishes, and mopping floors. The Inn's c...
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Character Backgrounds


Rychyrd Flowryder is an old pirate captain; reckoned to be a nasty piece of work, by all accounts. However, his career was abruptly ended by a fell storm out of the East. His ship and crew were smashed onto the coast and scattered to the four wind...
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Character Backgrounds


Lylan is the daughter of wealthy Hobbit parents. Growing up on a large estate in The Shire, she honed her hunting skills from an early age - using her bow to take down coneys and deer and her knives to skin them.She has, of course, been to Bree ma...
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Character Backgrounds

Dartanionn of Bree-Land

Name: Dartanionn KinnikinnickAge: 22Birthplace: Bree-Land, Gondorian lineageHeight: 5'9"Eyes: BlueHair color: Dark BrownDartanionn's mother, Bainant and father, Aeghathel hail from the great land of Gondor. As a young girl living in Anfalas, Baina...
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Character Backgrounds

Kevroar of Lindon

Kevroar is a young elf at this moment living in Ered Luin. He is quite a loner, with very few friends. He does not speak too much, if at all, but he is opinionated and he is not afraid of expressing his feelings if the need arises. Although qu...
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Character Backgrounds

Cortobras of Long Cleeve

Cortobras North-Boffin, known also as "Gaffer" to his grandchildren and "Corto" to his friends, hails from Long Cleeve in the Northfarthing - a town so insignificant to the cartographers of Michel Delving that they don't often bother to mark it on...
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Character Backgrounds

Delthrer of the Lonely Mountain

Name: Delthrer RusthelmRace: DwarfAge: 277Birthday: 16 May 2741 T.A.Appearance: Delthrer is very short, as is typical of a Dwarf (maybe a little shorter than the typical one at 4'4"), in stature, and was quite fit, however due to his extraordinary...
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