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Character Journals

An IC letter to Kirithab, reporting of the Company's well being and status in Lothlórien

To Kirithab, explorer and miner of MoriaI hope this letter reaches your hands in haste and I know that it will reach you unharmed and sealed as it was written, for I was able to send it with an expedition of trusted Galadhrim heading for the Found...
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Character Journals

Kirithab - Explorer of Khazad Dum

In the Chamber of Crossroads, a small group of dwarves have gathered to discuss how to proceed with their expedition. Krithab raised his hands in anger.'Maps!! Maps!! What am I now?' 'You are someone that I trust to seek out Mithril within these h...
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Character Journals

Diaries of Lirduiniel

During a period of respite in Imladris following the hardships of Angmar and the fortress of Carn Dum, Lirduiniel has taken to recording her observations and undertakings in the pages of a leather bound journal gifted to her by an old hobbit in th...
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Character Journals

Alpharod: Ed rawath Lhûn

Prologue, Year 2413 of the Third Age, EdhelionThe trumpet sounded, echoing through the mountains. Loud and clear. White banner flung as the phalanx of elves closed on dwarven forces."Tol acharn!" they shouted as one. Vengance comes.He knew not why...
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Character Journals

Jullian - Letters to Yngvhar.

Dear Yngvhar, I hope this letter finds you well. It has been nearly a month since we last met, but my travels around Middle Earth have kept me busy and it feels more like a year ago since I enjoyed the pleasure of your company.I have had many oppo...
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Character Journals

Journal pages from Harly

Today i arrived at the Shire, at last! My heart filled with joy finally seeing this land and its creatures! Its such a beautifull green land with little hills, its unbelievable! Alltough i have to say, i couldnt spot a whole lot of them. These hob...
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Character Journals

Berawena's Letters

Berawena's First Letter Home "Dear sister, I am writing you this from the inn in Combe. Do you remember when we were here last summer? Things were so different back then. Well, for one thing, Archet wasn’t burned down. And mother and father ...
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Character Journals

Talarka's Dispatches

This thread will chronicle Talarka's official communications with the mysterious Order of Rosicalli, aka The Rose and Quill Order. Because his sister Gladnagl heads the order, sometimes dispatches to her will take on a more personal note. (Rosical...
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Character Journals

Grannola's Journal

[Intro]Dear Daddy,A twelve year old daughter only knows a daddy, not a father. When I think of you, it is still as a twelve year old who remembers when you were last in my life, over twenty years ago. Most of the clear memories have faded like cu...
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Character Journals

Hullis - The Farmer from Bree

Introduction --This is going to be my thread to keep track of Hullis' growth, as slow as it may be. My idea is that it will be in simple, short notes. I've tried to do longer chunks of writing with other characters but I've found with my schedul...
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Character Journals

Yngvhar - The Hunt for Skorgrim.

Concerning the hunt for Skorgrim, let these notes be a journal for the attention of Dwalin, Son of Fundin, Master of the Thorins Halls of the long line of Durins Folk, as composed by Yngvhar, Son of Yngvarr, Guardian of Thorins Halls under the Com...
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Character Journals

Haranin's Journal Vol 1

Intro: She saw the trunk out of the corner of her eye, laying in the corner of the attic, covered in years of dust which was not surprising as the house had lay empty, for many years now. Had been empty before the war had ended even, or so it was...
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Character Journals

Hesthorn's journal

- Escape -Everything that followed the appearance of Strider in front of my cell happened very quickly, and insofar as I can I will try to report it hereunder.Strider had found my clothes, so I dressed as quickly as I could, then I found my bow be...
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Character Journals


Hello! Today Adoxa reached level 8 while exploring the north-west Shire. She has completed some quests around Michel Delving, Waymeet and Needlehole, made good progress on a wolf-slayer deed and found a friend around the bog who helped her complet...
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Character Journals

Cortobras vs Gammer Boffin

Cortobras: Here are the entrails you ordered - 60 eviscerated slugs!Gammer Boffin: Umm - I asked you for *five*! Spiderweb solvent from slug viscera has a very short shelf life, so I make a fresh batch only as needed.Cortobras: Oh, all right. My ...
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Character Journals

Reginart's Grandmother

Reginart talks to his esteemed Grandmother: What a strange time I am living in. I thought Postman job is boring but surely it is not. I walked all around the Shire and saw many wondrous things, as you said I would. Waterfalls, forests, towers and ...
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Character Journals

Extracts from Pada's Journal

Pada’s Journal pt II was born on 23rd June 2966 ? not certain of the year but I am in early my fiftiesI lived in a small hamlet near Branny hills and southern Bree FieldsMy father was Doug Sati and my mother Liz; Father was a baker and did most of...
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Character Journals

Wil's Adventures

The Boy Who Cried WolfWil grew up the eldest son of market stall owners at the Combe Gate in Bree. He showed no desire to follow in his parents' footsteps however, and was allowed to spend most of his time fishing in the wilds around Bree, bringin...
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Character Journals

Elrhandir's Mail

One morning during his stay in the town of Combe, a letter was delivered at The Comb and Wattle Inn. It was addressed to Elrhandir. Its sender was unexpected but pleasantly surprising: <<My son, Only now I can, after a few months since our l...
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