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About Club Slowtro
Club Slowtro is for players who want to challenge themselves while RP'ing the greatest story ever told - or at least the version presented in the Lord of the Rings Online. We use XP-disablers (stone of the tortoise) to stay 5 levels below the content and follow the epic questline through the regions of Middle-Earth. Read more at (LOTRO forum link).

This site is for organizing events for Club Slowtro and discussing the direction we want to take, as well as presenting our characters, their journals, backstories as well as coordination for crafting and anything else we want to do. It is called "Company of the Tortoise" because some of us turtles also have a kinship called just that. You do NOT need to either register at this site or be a member of the kinship to be a part of Club Slowtro. Simply join the chat channel, respect the level cap and engage in RP (see the forum post for more).

The site has three levels of memberships: Founders (admins), Officers (can review applications) and Members (can do everything else). There's also a recruit rank for those who are very new to the club.

Everybody is invited to create their own events and invite other turtles to participate. You do NOT need to wait for admins or officers to arrange anything. If you get an idea for something to do - smash an orc camp, deliver nails for Trestlebridge, help romantic elves in Rivendell - just create an event and a story for it - and let's do it!