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"The Plan" - 2017
(As layed out by esteemed turtle Siggar)

"THE PLAN" - 2017

Highlights from 2016: Our Company have succesfully conquered the Armies of Angmar including all of the Commanders of various fortresses and the Witch King himself. We have aided the Rangers immensely and saw to the destruction of Narchuil. We have also established the Eriador Base of Operations southeast of Bree and one of our contingent has helped the initial efforts of the dwarven expedition that set out to reclaim Moria.

First Quarter (levels 48-50):
  • We have been receiving ill news from the far corners of Angmar and the Misty Mountains. Our Company will assault Helegrod in the first half of the quarter and move on to explore The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu in the second half.
  • We will also launch a more active recruiting campaign that will likely persist through Q2.

Second Quarter (levels 51-53):
  • Having lifted the Shadows of Angmar, we will celebrate the closing of a long chapter by joining the festvities of spring and the 10th Anniversary.
  • Later this quarter we will put more emphasis on forging some Moria storylines for the Company and Legendary Items for its members.
  • We will establish a forward operating base in the Twenty-first Hall and celebrate the 3rd birthday of Slowtro.
  • Apart from the first two group instances, The Forgotten Treasury and The Grand Stair, Turtles should focus on catching-up this quarter (e.g. deeding, Epic Volume II up to Book V, enriching character's stories, etc.)

Third Quarter (levels 54-56):
  • Hopefully, with our ranks somewhat reinforced, we will be able to take on some of the finest challenges of Mines of Moria while simultaneously moving on to solo questing (and much more) in Lothlórien.
  • The level range for this quarter will allow us to finish Book VIII of Volume II of the Epic as well as all quests for this expansion.
  • Our aim will be to complete as much as possible of the above while taking the summer holidays into account.

Fourth Quarter (levels 57-59, possibly 60):
  • At the start of this quarter we will move our forward base of operations to the outskirts of Caras Galadhon (hopefully with the blessing of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn) and help fellow Turtles that are in need of catching up from Q3.
  • Simultaneously, venturing into Mirkwood and Enedwaith will become an option so we will be resuming the co-operation with Elrond and the Rangers.
  • Ideally we conclude Q4 with the three Moria Raids.