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Manakeep 728x90
(May 20, 2019)
Thanks for the crates, J!
(May 20, 2019)
looking at it it was reintroduced in U23.5
(May 20, 2019)
no dragonslayer...
(May 20, 2019)
I have put two ingerient crates in my garden next to the kin house.
(May 20, 2019)
The drinking one?
(May 19, 2019)
just found a new lvl 55-8 quest chain in Moria, follw the instructions on a mysterious map. quite nice wee storyline even if it needs a bit of back n forth
(May 13, 2019)
missed you last sentence, Lir, that was something about noobs? :)
(Apr 18, 2019)
crashed - so nn folks
(Apr 12, 2019)
sorry Hunf, didnt make it online last night 8(
(Apr 09, 2019)
Hope so :) 2 days in row I met J online :)
(Apr 08, 2019)
great to see Yorg and Dura on tonight,,,,,turtle revival at hytbold?
(Jan 22, 2019)
not going to be around later tonight - is there still any turtle interest?
(Jan 14, 2019)
Survey if you're interested (OP is aiming for 250 completed)
(Jan 14, 2019)
No, haven't had time to start that whole process up again. Also need to do a fresh install of my whole system (for different reasons).
(Jan 14, 2019)
have you tried a fresh install Bera?
(Jan 10, 2019)
I've had trouble updating the game for two weeks. Not sure when it is solved
(Jan 07, 2019)
Merry Orthodox Christmas! ^^
(Jan 02, 2019)
happy New Year all.
(Jan 01, 2019)
Happy New Year! ;)
(Dec 31, 2018)
Happy New Year, dear Turtles! :)