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(Dec 18, 2018)
i wil be J
(Dec 17, 2018)
anyone around tomorrow?
(Dec 08, 2018)
A new Title has been bestowed upon you, you may now be known as Julliana, Legendary Traveller!
(Dec 06, 2018)
28... 29... 30.... silver
(Dec 06, 2018)
judas bastard ;P
(Dec 06, 2018)
I joined Wrought in the Rift on Ithil, just as I seemed to group with them a bit doing higher level stuff..nothing against you lot :P
(Dec 05, 2018)
Up to Bk 10 Ch5 now
(Dec 04, 2018)
been trying to log in for >10 mns....bear with me turtles
(Nov 27, 2018)
thats me just home... sorry guys. 8(
(Nov 27, 2018)
many places in that video nearly as nice as the outer hebrides =) be sure to let me know if you visit skye oor elsewhere mate... the quality of drone footage these days is awesome eh?
(Nov 27, 2018)
I am at a loss for words...
(Nov 27, 2018)
Huntards are so OP! :)
(Nov 22, 2018)
Huntards are so weak! :(
(Nov 20, 2018)
Will try to get 5k morale on level 30 :D
(Nov 18, 2018)
we noticed Lir.. we shall be parking here anyway...
(Nov 18, 2018)
thats me tried 4 times to re-connect giving up - next time amigos
(Nov 18, 2018)
np mate
(Nov 18, 2018)
sorry guys dc and wont reconnect - a worryingly frequent reoccurrence of late
(Nov 15, 2018)
I have three level 20+ its good to have so many people around to group with.
(Nov 14, 2018)
Just a lot of possibilities for low level grouping and slower exp gaining, everything else is all the same