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(Jul 18, 2018)
sorry guys client crash thanks for run and bye =)
(Jul 17, 2018)
proxy tank!
(Jul 16, 2018)
Nicely done with gimp healer and... gimp tank?! :D
(Jul 16, 2018)
Nice little L75 thrang 4-man.. we got there..
(Jul 15, 2018)
Have fun on your break Sig.. we will try not to break anything.,
(Jul 09, 2018)
So many ppl on holidays.. Im jealous.. have fun guys
(Jul 07, 2018)
Enjoy yourselves!
(Jul 07, 2018)
and am away for the next week =)
(Jul 06, 2018)
Away for the next four weeks
(Jul 03, 2018)
Football still going strong. Bloody Columbia
(Jul 02, 2018)
We can try it tomorrow
(Jul 01, 2018)
think Hunf is out on the ran dan tonight after the football, lagging like crazy for me today so maybe 9pm isnt the best isea - another time?
(Jun 29, 2018)
Sunday is good for me and 3 of us have to be enough, new instance has only 1 tier
(Jun 29, 2018)
Sunday K & H - 9pm BST?
(Jun 29, 2018)
Yeah, new Rift would be interesting to try! I'm in! What day?
(Jun 29, 2018)
Anyone feeling a Thrang run at some point? Make the most of summer festivities!
(Jun 27, 2018)
sorry H - nn - logged off instead of leave insta and now i'm here i am sleepy =)
(Jun 24, 2018)
Don't wait for mke...
(Jun 24, 2018)
I'll be late tonight, unfortunately. About an hour or so, apologies...
(Jun 10, 2018)
Popped them in Kin storage!