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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 05, 2018)
so roughl when we're levl 80? ;P
(Sep 05, 2018)
It could take several years this game to finally appear
(Sep 01, 2018)
GZ, Fellow Capt.!
(Sep 01, 2018)
A new Title has been bestowed upon you, you may now be known as Eiken, Saviour of Eriador!
(Aug 30, 2018)
High-elf LM, Hunf is unofficially the Master of Support... :)
(Aug 05, 2018)
dont think i'll quite be level 20 by tonight J - will be on abou 9 ish anyways for some turtling
(Aug 05, 2018)
level 20 GB tonight?
(Aug 04, 2018)
T2 goblin's throne was very-very good, we haven't finished, cause started late enough, but each pull we exactly became better and better, and troll boss fight we were epic! Cheers Lir and Myn!
(Jul 31, 2018)
Yesterday training of Balrog's jumps in Iobar T2 was pretty nice! Thanks Lir, thanks Mynko :)
(Jul 18, 2018)
Angmarian eve was very nice, thanks all! :)
(Jul 18, 2018)
sorry guys client crash thanks for run and bye =)
(Jul 17, 2018)
proxy tank!
(Jul 16, 2018)
Nicely done with gimp healer and... gimp tank?! :D
(Jul 16, 2018)
Nice little L75 thrang 4-man.. we got there..
(Jul 15, 2018)
Have fun on your break Sig.. we will try not to break anything.,
(Jul 09, 2018)
So many ppl on holidays.. Im jealous.. have fun guys
(Jul 07, 2018)
Enjoy yourselves!
(Jul 07, 2018)
and am away for the next week =)
(Jul 06, 2018)
Away for the next four weeks