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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Apr 26, 2018)
Posted this on official (Virtues suggestion) if you are interested:
(Apr 25, 2018)
Hello Illi - welcome to the best level capped kin on Laurelin! (it may be the only one too ;p) look forward to meeting you in game
(Apr 25, 2018)
Geetings all! Looking forward meeting you all
(Apr 25, 2018)
Welcome Illiandros :)
(Apr 25, 2018)
Welcome to the Turtles, Illi!
(Apr 25, 2018)
Welcome, Illiandros!
(Apr 23, 2018)
Added Cloak (Sarchol) to the gearing thread
(Apr 19, 2018)
A new Title has been bestowed upon you, you may now be known as Duralagos, Elevenses!
(Apr 11, 2018)
You will now be known as Siggar Lasting, Master of the Untamed Lands to those you meet in your travels.
(Apr 10, 2018)
Same here, updating, if it took too long time will log in tomorrow!
(Apr 10, 2018)
Updating (what happened to the Monday updates...??)
(Apr 08, 2018)
be away for a week, till next wee mett on the plains of the anduin
(Apr 05, 2018)
A new Title has been bestowed upon you, you may now be known as Siggar Lasting, Gatecrasher! (Couldn't resist... took me 47 min and 12 power potions...)
(Apr 02, 2018)
Updated the 75 gearing with Gwion for the upgradable necklaces
(Apr 01, 2018)
Happy Easter Fool April Levelling Raise Day
(Mar 27, 2018)
Updating bigger than anticipated
(Mar 27, 2018)
Logging in!
(Mar 24, 2018)
Congratz, J! From what I gather 'twas meant to be a community effort so forums are good ;)
(Mar 23, 2018)
Yes, I started out trying too solve it.. but ended up using forums.
(Mar 23, 2018)
Did anyone get the goat from the "Secret event"?